PRESS STATEMENT: 15 NGOs Decry New Policy Limiting Asylum Seekers in Exercising their Right to Appeal

On 9 May 2017 Solidarity Now and 14 more NGOs urge the Greek Government to immediately reverse the recent policy excluding asylum-seekers on the Greek islands who appeal negative asylum decisions from the possibility of participating later on in the International Organisation for Migration’s (IOM) Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) programme and forcing those […]

Refugee Crisis and Integration

by George Kanaris, Social Services Coordinator at SolidarityNow’s Athens Solidarity Center. The integration of the newly arrived refugees is one of the biggest challenges that the Greek society will face in the coming years. Quite a big part of the currently residing in Greece refugees will be relocated in other countries, another big part will be […]

Cash4Solidarity: the first step towards integration and coexistence

SolidarityNow implements the Cash4Solidarity program for the beneficiaries of its Home for Hope program   SolidarityNow supports the most vulnerable people in any way. How? By strengthening, empowering, and enabling them to take back control over their lives, with dignity and self-sufficiency. To achieve this objective, SolidarityNow is implementing the cash transfer project|Cash4Solidarity, for all […]

Be a #Future Interpreter(s) now!

SolidarityNow, with the support of the Guerrilla Foundation and in collaboration with the Society for the Care of Minors (SMA) and the Panhellenic Association of Professional Translators Graduates of the Ionian University (PEEMPIP) organizes a comprehensive training programme for community interpreters and cultural mediators in Athens and Thessaloniki. Participants The participants must be native in […]

“A piece of political vandalism the Hungary plan that could shutter the Central European University”

How the international and local press covers the attacks on civil society in the country   The severe attack towards the Civil Society organizations that takes place in Hungary aiming at undermining their credibility, and the parallel effort to limit the operational independence of the educational system, is extensively covered through the mass media in […]

Sign the petition: In solidarity with people in Hungary

SolidarityNow, as one of the dynamic representatives of the European civil society, expresses its support for the Civil Society Europe (CSE) network and its initiative to gather support signatures for the Hungarian NGOs that have recently been targeted by the government given the bill on the “transparency of organizations receiving foreign funds”. At the same […]

George Soros: The ideal enemy

On the occasion of the unilateral war declared by the government of the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban – and former Soros Foundation scholar – towards George Soros, the acclaimed French newspaper Le Monde devotes its central theme to the personality, life and work of the reputable economist and humanist, illuminating the truths and myths […]

Hope found a home and received creativity awards for it!

4 Ermis Awards for the “Home for Hope” awareness campaign of SolidarityNow                                                                           Athens, April 6th, 2017   The awareness campaign implemented by SolidarityNow, with the support of the UNHCR, dedicated to the hosting program entitled “Home for Hope” was honored with four creativity prizes in the Ermis Awards for 2016. This year’s award night […]