The Slow-Motion Legal Disaster Unfolding within the Refugee Crisis

As refugees continue to be driven out of Syria, a legal crisis is taking shape throughout the region that parallels the humanitarian one. Refugees leaving Syria face a bureaucratic nightmare that isn’t always readily apparent. For instance, when they depart their home countries, many leave behind their IDs, passports, and marriage and birth certificates. Then, […]

Five ways Europe could save refugee lives this winter

MYTILENE, 3 November 2015 (IRIN) – Currently on leave from the UN emergency aid coordination body OCHA, Greek humanitarian worker Fotini Rantsiou has spent the last three months as a volunteer on the island of Lesvos. As the death toll mounts in the Eastern Mediterranean, with stormy seas claiming the lives of at least 70 refugees in the last […]

Group Exhibition Art2Give

Group Exhibition Art2Give by the Blender Gallery and the KINARI Design  to support children-migrants with the help of the «αλληλεγγύη – SolidarityNow» Athens , 10 November 2015. The Blender Gallery in collaboration with KINARI Design and ETHOS Art will inaugurate on Thursday, November 19, 2015 the exhibition “Art2Give” during which works by contemporary American painters will be […]

The “Together for Children” Association and the Network of Migrant Women “Melissa” join their forces for refugee children

The “Together for Children” Association” and the Network of Migrant Women “Melissa”, with the support of the Migrant Integration Council of Athens, implement the project “A backpack for the Road” for refugee children. The basic idea of ​​action arose from the need of basic products which are necessary for the journey of children and refugee […]

Actions to relieve those affected by the crisis

“Europe’s borders are outside the area”, highlighted the Rapporteur of the Migration Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Andrea Rigoni, from Lesbos. Indeed, Europe’s borders perhaps stop right there, as the promised European solidarity was never manifested, while the number published by the UNHCR is staggering: More than half a million […]

POREIA Theatre

The theater Poreia will host an additional performance of the play “The Great Chimera” on Saturday, November 7th at 5.00pm All proceeds will support the program of “SolidarityNow” for refugee children Athens, 29 October 2015. Children are always war’s greatest victims. And in this refugee crisis, they haven’t been an exception. It is estimated that […]

We empower solidarity in practice: step #2

After the first step which regards the emergency programs and that is being implemented by SolidarityNow under the “six-point response”, we now move on to the second step by designing new, medium-term actions, thereby enhancing solidarity in practice. At SolidarityNow, we are true to our humanitarian work and our main purpose to support the populations […]

Additional 2 million euros for the relief of an increased number of refugees

Athens, October 19, 2015. Considering the urgent needs of refugees as winter is approaching, “SolidarityNow” proceeded with the decision to support the implementation of new, major programs and structures, with an additional funding of 2 million euros. The selection of projects and organizations was based on the “six points response” concept which SolidarityNow implements in […]