Official release of the documentary “Common People, Common Ground” at the online event for the Athens Solidarity Center by SolidarityNow

 Event for the completion of the second grant period of EEA Grants at the Athens Solidarity Center On the occasion of the completion of the second grant period for the operation of the Athens Solidarity Center* by the financial mechanism EEA Grants, SolidarityNow organizes an online event and a premiere, on Tuesday, June 29 at […]

ΚΟΙΝΟ ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΥΠΟΥ: Ένα μεγάλο πισωγύρισμα στην ένταξη, η περικοπή του βοηθήματος σε αιτούντες άσυλο

Με ανακοίνωσή του στις 15 Απριλίου, το Υπουργείο Μετανάστευσης και Ασύλου εξήγγειλε την οριζόντια περικοπή του οικονομικού βοηθήματος για όλες και όλους τους αιτούντες άσυλο που δεν στεγάζονται σε δομές της ευθύνης του ή των συνεργαζόμενων με αυτό φορέων, από την 1η Ιουλίου 2021. Η εξαγγελία αυτή έγινε, μάλιστα, χωρίς την έκδοση καμίας σχετικής Υπουργικής […]

Joint Press Release: Greece deems Turkey “safe”, but refugees are not.

The substantive examination of asylum applications is the only safe solution for refugees June 14th, 2021 With a new Joint Ministerial Decision (JMD) issued on 7 June,[1] the Greek State designates Turkey as a “safe third country” for families, men, women and children of five nationalities[2] seeking international protection in Greece. It is noted that […]

Video: “The Athens Solidarity Center by SolidarityNow & Partnerships”

The importance of partnerships among Civil Society organizations through a short video. “Αpart from being a source of inspiration, collaboration teaches us new things. Still, the most important thing is that collaboration creates bridges of understanding, comprehension, love, care, and solidarity. Bridges necessary in order to build the most expensive form of capital, trust”, underlines […]

Video with self-test’ instructions, for the children of the open accommodation structures for refugees and migrants

Back to school with safety! Video with self-test’ instructions, for the children of the open accommodation structures for refugees and migrants. The SolidarityNow team, following the instructions of EODY (National Public Health Organization) and of the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, with the support of IOM Greece (International Organization for Migration), created simple […]

Collaboration of KETHEA Epirus with SolidarityNow for the implementation of actions for the prevention and management of situations related to substance use and addictive behaviors in accommodation structures for unaccompanied minors.

The action concerned two types of interventions, as it was addressed to both the staff and the beneficiaries of the SolidarityNow’s accommodation structures. Firstly, meetings were held with the staff of the accommodation places of Perama and Konitsa, where there was information-awareness on addiction issues and ways to cope with situations of substance abuse or […]

“Child and Family Support Hubs”: Support to more than 12,000 refugees and asylum seekers during 2020

2020, was the fourth consecutive year of operation for the “Child and Family Support Hubs”* (CFSH) program by SolidarityNow. Despite the challenges 2020 presented for all of us, the CFSH program continued to provide services in 14 refugee camps in mainland Greece, reaching more than 12,000 refugees and asylum seekers. The program caters to children, women and […]