“Step by Step”: SolidarityNow’s new program for Unaccompanied Children

We stand by the side of children aged 16+, in Athens and Thessaloniki They took the first step: to leave their country, mostly due to violence, war, and conflicts. Then, they arrived in our country. Many of them were forced to live homeless for days, to hide, to avoid dangers, to work for survival. Some […]

SolidarityNow celebrates World Teachers’ Day through “HELIOS” program’s achievements

Refugees’ Social Integration through Education “Education is the second sun for people”, Plato. More than 3,000 visits every month, 3 Integration Learning Centers, 3 cities -Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina-, 450 registered adult students, 180 people attend Greek language courses on a regular basis, 1,950 teaching hours, 7 on-line training courses as an alternative form of education. […]

Solidarity and Support Initiative by SolidarityNow: Refugees on the side of locals after the Ianos cyclone in Karditsa

Food and essential items distributed to the victims  Thessaloniki, September 30, 2020 Karditsa is still counting its wounds after the catastrophic passage of cyclone Ianos, which left behind dead but also huge catastrophes -natural, social, economic-. SolidarityNow, in a symbolic gesture of solidarity and support for the people affected, has been collecting and donating essential […]