The Board of Directors of SolidarityNow consists of:

Zavvos Stelios, Chairman

Alivizatos Nikos, Honorary Professor of Constitutional Law – University of Athens

Vidalis Euthimios, Vice-Chairman, Businessman

Diamandouros Nikiforos, Honorary Professor of Political Science – University of Athens

Doxiadis Aristos, Partner, Venture Capital Investor

Kavounidi Jenny, Senior Research Fellow – Center of Planning and Economic Research, Visiting Associate Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business.

Matsagganis Manos, Associate Professor in the Department of International and European Economic Studies – Athens University of Economics and Business

Nomikou Kalipso, President of A M. Nomikos Transworld Maritime Agencies S.A.

Rozakis Christos, Professor of International Public Law – University of Athens, Vice President of the European Court of Human Rights

Triantafyllidou Anna, Professor – European University Institute, Florence, Italy

General Manager: Antigone Lymperaki




We would also like to recognize the contribution of a former Board Member, the late Dimitris Trihopoulos, Professor of Cancer Prevention and Epidemiology, School of Public Health at Harvard University and a member of the Academy of Athens.