Since 2013, SolidarityNow has supported the implementation of a total of 73 programs that relate the following sectors:

  • Immigration/Refugees: 25
  • Human Rights: 6
  • Health: 9
  • Democracy / Institution Building: 4
  • Legal Aid: 7
  • Employability: 6
  • Children/Youth and Education: 8
  • Women’s Empowerment: 4
  • Nutritional Health: 4


Primary health care services at the Athens Solidarity Center

Τhe grant supported the relevant services at Athens Solidarity Center and the Polyclinic of PRAKSIS in order to improve and increase access to primary health care for vulnerable populations affected by the economic and refugee crisis.
The grant reassured the operation of dermatology, ophthalmology, cardiology, orthopaedics, psychiatry, gynecology, dentistry and general medicine dpts.

Donation Amount: 143.600 EUR
Duration of project: 1/5/2016 -31/8/2016
Location: Athens
Contract No: SN2016-005

Employability services at Athens Solidarity Center

The project’s scope to support people from vulnerable groups to integrate into the labor market.
Services provided included counseling for interviews, job search, CV preparation.

Amount: 39.401,33 EUR
Duration of project: 1/5/2016-31/8/2016
Location: Athens
Contract Number: SN2016-004

Programs of Development, Social Support and Medical Cooperation – Humanitarian Support Through Intervention at the Korinthos Detention Center

The project, led by Praksis and implemented by a consortium of major stakeholders in migration issues, provided medical and psycho-social support, as well as legal aid to migrants held at the Korinthos Detention Center. Under the grant, personal hygiene and basic medicinal products were distributed, and rapid tests for HIV, and Hepatitis B and C were conducted. Moreover, a new open source software will be developed for the beneficiaries’ files, to allow the effective tracking of the actions performed to help the project beneficiaries, through a customized web application with social, legal and medical components. Once developed, the software will be available for use by all Greek NGOs, filling a major administration and monitoring gap in archiving and statistics of the Civil Society in the country.

Amount: USD 112,456.96
Project period: 1/10/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Korinthos
Grant Number: OR2015-24819

Programs of Development, Social Support and Medical Cooperation – “Break the Chain”: A Two-Day Festival Against Human Trafficking (in Cooperation with The Greek National Rapporteur on Human Trafficking)

SolidarityNow joined forces with the Greek National Rapporteur on Trafficking of Human Beings and Praksis in an effort to combat human trafficking through a multidisciplinary festival entitled “Break the Chain” which aimed to raise awareness on the issue. SolidarityNow also supported the hiring of a Program Manager, who focused on raising awareness regarding human trafficking, and preventative measures.

Amount: USD 65,594.84
Project period: 1/10/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Athens
Grant Number: OR2015-24818

Programs of Development, Social Support and Medical Cooperation – First Reception Service Mobile Units on the Islands of Kos and Leros

This grant supported two Mobile Medical Units to meet incoming migrant populations on the islands of Leros and Kos.
Through this program, 8,000 medical consultations took place, and covered basic pharmaceutical needs of the people on the move, provided hygiene and survival kits, vaccinations, and facilitated age assessment procedures for unaccompanied minors. The program also provided psycho-social support to the newcomers. The grant also covered expenses regarding necessary repair works in buildings and WASH facilities, which were integral for the smooth operation of the First Reception Service on the islands as well as the Orestiada (Evros) structures.

Amount: USD 772,593
Project period: 1/7/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Kos, Leros
Grant Number: OR2015-24207

Employability Services at the Athens Solidarity Center

The grant supported the provision of basic employability services at the Athens Solidarity Center, in order for people from vulnerable population groups to receive the proper support and become part of the job market. The services provided included interview advising, job searching and CV preparation.

Amount: USD 212,627
Project period: 26/2/2014-30/4/2016
Location: Athens
Grant Number: OR2014-14232

* The action was supported by the EEA funding mechanism and the Norwegian Embassy in Greece, under the action EEAGR08.02.

Expansion of Medical Services at the Athens Solidarity Center

Supported the provision of health services at the Athens Solidarity Center and to the Praksis Polyclinic in order to improve and increase access to primary healthcare services for vulnerable, marginalized and impoverished populations who have been hit by the economic crisis. The project supported the operation of a series of clinics with specialists in the following areas: dermatology, ophthalmology, cardiology, orthopedic, psychiatry, gynecology, dentistry as well as General Practice.

Amount: USD 1,083,534
Project period: 26/2/2014-30/4/2016
Location: Athens
Grant Number: OR2014-13788

*The project was supported by the funding mechanism EEA and the Embassy of Norway in Greece.

Employability Services at the Athens Solidarity Center – Operational grant

Amount: $ 13,423.70
Project period: 26/02/2014-30/04/2016
Location: Athens
Contract No: OR2014-18404

*The project was supported by the EEA funding mechanism and the Embassy of Norway in Greece

Extension of medical services at Athens Solidarity Center

Operational grant

Amount: $ 9,485.00
Project period: 26.02.2014 – 30.04.2016
Location: Athens
Contract No: OR2014-18405

*The project was supported by the EEA funding mechanism and the Embassy of Norway in Greece

General Medicine and Psychiatric Service In Thessaloniki

PRAKSIS provided healthcare, psychiatric and social support services to vulnerable social groups at the Thessaloniki Solidarity Center.

Amount: $ 308,758.00
Project period: 01/12/2013-30/11/2015
Location: Thessaloniki
Contract No: OR2013-08122


Legal Assistance Service at the Athens Solidarity Center

The grant supported the operation of the legal assistance service with the aim to inform and support the vulnerable groups of population about their rights, advocacy and their exercise.

Amount: 78.170 EUR
Duration of project: 1/5/2016-31/8/2016
Location: Athens
Grant Number: SN2016-003

Legal Aid Program for Socio-Economically Vulnerable Groups “SYM-PARASTASI” in Athens

In order to respond effectively to the increased demand for free legal services among Athens Solidarity Center beneficiaries, Arsis expanded its hours of operation by adding an evening shift lawyer and social worker. The additional staff handled the backlog of cases and also provided assistance for more than 100 people in need, securing the smooth operation of Athens Solidarity Center projects on a daily basis from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Amount: USD 22,660
Project period: 20/7/2015-30/4/2016
Grant Number: OR2015-22915

“Sym-Parastasi” Legal Aid Program For Socio-Economically Vulnerable Groups

Supported the legal-aid service “Sym- Parastasi,” provided by ARSIS for the Thessaloniki Solidarity Center.
It aimed to provide free legal support to both Greeks and immigrants, those that have been hurt by the crisis, as well as those from socio-economically disadvantaged groups. All the citizens are eligible to the free legal support, as long as they meet the financial criteria.

Amount: $ 231,690.00
Project period: 01/12/2013-30/11/2014
Location: Thessaloniki
Contract No: OR2013-10319


Amount: $ 17,346.00
Project period: 01/12/2013-30/11/2014
Location: Thessaloniki
Contract No: OR2014-14532

Legal Aid Program for Socio-Economically Vulnerable Groups “SYM-PARASTASI” In Thessaloniki

SolidarityNow supported the continuation of legal aid services at Thessaloniki Solidarity Center, through a 12 month project.
The project aimed to ensure access to uninsured Greeks and migrant populations that are excluded from legal protection.

Amount: USD 246,395.90
Project period: 21/12/2014-31/1/2016
Location: Thessaloniki
Grant Number: OR2015-22725

Youth Support Center

Arsis’ Youth Support Center is a space that hopes to operate as a hub for at-risk youth and young adults between 15 and 25 years of age, in the greater Athens area.
Through a series of educational activities, such as social work on the streets and in youth camps as well as creative activities in the “Mobile School,” the Youth Support Center aims to prevent marginalization of at-risk youth and to boost their skills sets.
The SolidarityNow grant lasted 18 months and aimed to serve 500 beneficiaries, ensuring the added value of the mobile unit and the necessary equipment that is needed for arts-related and social-bonding activities.

Amount: 50,330.52 USD
Project period: 1/3/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Αθήνα
Grant number: OR2015-21374

Provision of Legal Services at the Athens Solidarity Center

The grant supported the legal department of the Athens Solidarity Center in order to ensure access of the most deprived and vulnerable population groups to free legal services. In this way, the right to dignified legal representation for all citizens was supported.

Amount: 319.884 USD
Project duration: 26/2/2014-30/4/2016
Location: Αθήνα
Grant number: OR2014-16148

*The project was supported by the funding mechanism EEA and the Embassy of Norway in Greece.

“Sym-Parastasi” Legal Aid at Athens Solidarity Center

Operational grant

Amount: $ 24,686.00
Project period: 26/02/2014-30/04/2016
Location: Athens
Contract No: OR2014-18407

*The project was supported by the EEA funding mechanism and the Embassy of Norway in Greece


Together For Children Association – “Help Line 11525”

The grant aimed to cover the necessary operational expenses for the installation and the implementation of the 11525 Helpline at the Athens Solidarity Center.

Amount: USD 5,498.80
Project period: 26/2/2014-30/4/2016
Location: Greece
Grant Number: SN2016-002

*The project was supported by the funding mechanism EEA and the Embassy of Norway in Greece.

“Help Line 11525 – Center Supporting Women” Advice Center for Mothers/Parents/Children

The grant supported the operation of a Counseling Center that aimed to meet the needs of mothers for psychological support, advice and guidance, through conferences and seminars.
Specialized psychologists offered eight free advice conferences to mothers in need and/or to mothers whose children are obtaining help from the Athens Solidarity Center, as well as psycho-educational seminars for the community at large.

Amount: USD 166,351
Project period: 26/2/2014-30/4/2016
Location: Athens
Grant Number: OR2014-14053

*The project was supported by the funding mechanism EEA and the Embassy of Norway in Greece.

“Help Line 11525 For Children” – National Help Line For Children, Teens and Parents

The grant supported the Help Line 11525, which aimed to provide psycho-social telephone support to parents, mothers, children, teens, teachers and other interested parties all over Greece.
The Help Line 11525 offers advice and referrals to services that relate to topics that deal with children and the mental health of mothers, anxiety, anger, interpersonal relationships, parent-child relationships, violence, bullying, learning disabilities and problems relating to divorce, children protection, abuse and children with special needs.

Amount: USD 69,526
Project period: 26/2/2014-30/4/2016
Location: Athens
Grant Number: OR2014-14052

*The project was supported by the funding mechanism EEA and the Embassy of Norway in Greece.

Helpline 11525 – Operational grant

Amount: $ 5,498.00
Project period: 26/02/2014-30/04/2016
Location: Athens
Contract No: OR2014-18399

*The project was supported by the EEA funding mechanism and the Embassy of Norway in Greece

11525 Women’s Support Center

Operational grant

Amount: $ 13,872.10
Project period: 26/02/2014-30/04/2016
Location: Athens
Contract No: OR2014-18403

*The project was supported by the EEA funding mechanism and the Embassy of Norway in Greece


Day Care Center For Children

This grant supported the operation of the Child’s Day Care Center which aimed to promote social inclusion and respect for diversity in central Athens’ deprived neighborhoods. The ultimate aim was to create a positive change for 2,500 children who grow up in difficult socio-economic circumstances.
The Day Care Center was operational in Athens Solidarity Center and provided educational and recreational activities from children whose parents received services at the Solidarity Center as well as to the children and teenagers of the surrounding areas.

Amount: USD 234,790
Project period: 26/2/2014-30/4/2016
Location: Athens
Grant Number: OR2014-14547

*The project was supported by the funding mechanism EEA and the Embassy of Norway in Greece.

Day Care Center For Children at the Athens Solidarity Center

The grant supported the function of the Day Care Centre activities, offering educational and recreational activities for the children of the beneficiaries.

Amount: 53.970 EUR
Duration of project: 1/5/2016-31/8/2016
Location: Athens
Contract No: SN2016-001

Day Care Center For Children

Operational grant

Amount: $ 23,688.70
Project period: 26/02/2014-30/04/2016
Location: Athens
Contract No: OR2014-18406

*The project was supported by the EEA funding mechanism and the Embassy of Norway in Greece


Medecins Sans Frontieres Greece – Communication and Advocacy: People On The Move

This grant supported a program that aimed to increase advocacy and communication concerning migrants that used the route through Greece and the Balkans. The project team worked in collaboration with the MSF offices and units across the region in order to shape a thoroughly documented advocacy approach on migration that ranged from understanding and monitoring asylum procedures, cooperating with key international players, to developing targeted campaigns. It aimed to raise awareness at a national and European level, with regard to the vulnerability of migrants and refugees during their journey, and the living conditions in the hosting centers.

Amount: USD 121,150
Project period: 15/5/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Greece
Grant Number: OR2015-22921

Torture Victim Rehabilitation Athens

Medecins Sans Frontieres, BABEL and the Greek Council for Refugees offered a comprehensive package of psycho-social, medical services to victims of torture in Athens.

Amount: USD 210,936.20
Project period: 1/5/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Athens
Grant Number: OR2015-22881

Urgent Support For Medical and Humanitarian Needs for Refugees and Immigrants on the Aegean Islands

An emergency intervention, implemented by Doctors without Borders Greece, providing emergency medical care and screening, and offering non-food items to migrants and refugees arriving on the islands of the Dodecanese in collaboration with the local authorities and organizations.

Amount: $ 48,768.00
Project period: 25/10/2014-10/12/2014
Location: Dodecanese islands in Aegean
Contract No: OR2014-18817


Solidarity House For All

Under the grant, a guest-house was created, which could host up to 45 people that come from various underprivileged and vulnerable backgrounds.
The grant enabled the renovation of the building, and services provided:
• The guest-house operates in a 5-story building with 19 rooms.
• Those hosted at the Solidarity House remain between 6 and 10 months.
• The project included a three-fold action plan: 1. The renovation of the building according to the prototypes of a modern guest house, 2. Operation as a temporary shelter and, 3. Providing psychosocial and employability support.

Amount: USD 284,117.65
Project period: 1/7/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Athens
Grant Number: OR2015-22867

Emergency Project – Immediate Humanitarian Support in Lesvos, Chios & Tilos

The grants funded a joint project, implemented by MdM-Greece in cooperation with the NGOs METAction and Greek Rescue Team, in order to:
• Offer immediate humanitarian support and relief to more than 3,000 people on the move on the islands of Lesvos, Chios and Tilos.
• Strengthen the primary healthcare services offered to new incoming migrants through psychological and social support services, including facilitation of medical screening, interpretation and social support to refugees and asylum seekers.

Amount: USD 383,172
Project period: 1/11/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Lesvos, Chios, Tilos
Grant Number: OR2015-24204

Patras Open Polyclinic

The project provided primary healthcare services to underprivileged people in Patras (locals and migrants) by supporting the operation of Medecins du Monde Patras Open Polyclinic. Since 2013, MdM Patras Open Polyclinic provided medical and social services to over 60 people per day.
The grant ensured collaboration between MdM’s primary healthcare services and the Patras Asylum Service which were housed in the same building.

Amount: USD 164,200
Project period: 1/6/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Patras
Grant Number: OR2015-22917


METAdrasi – Provision of Emergency Legal Assistance In Border Locations

METAction provided legal assistance and interpretation to newly arriving mixed populations, entering Greek territory through the islands of Chios, Samos and Lesvos.
The project’s legal team provided services to 6,000 people from June through December of 2015.
The project ensured the detection (and assistance) of vulnerable cases, minimized the risk of detention for newly-arrived migrants, ensured access to international protection and information, and facilitated family reunification processes.

Amount: USD 20,619
Project period: 2/6/2015-31/12/2015
Location: Lesvos, Chios, Samos
Grant Number: OR2015-22391

METAdrasi, Action for Migration and Development – Humanitarian Emergency Relief Provision (HELP) Project

Grant supported the program which aimed to provide relief and humanitarian assistance at the refugees’ exit point, Idomeni.
The project ensured the provision of food and first aid products, along with social assistance (timely referral of vulnerable cases to the authorities and organizations) to approx. 10,000 refugees arriving to the region.

Amount: USD 157,978
Project period: 5/10/2015-5/4/2016
Location: Idomeni
Grant Number: OR2015-24072

METAdrasi, Action for Migration and Development – First Reception Service on Kos and Leros

The grant enabled the operation of the First Reception Service on the islands of Kos and Leros. METAction planned to cater for 8,100 people during the implementation period of the project.

Amount: USD 217,877
Project period: 1/9/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Kos and Leros
Grant Number: OR2015-24054


Center for Life – Psychosocial Support for People Living with HIV/AIDS

The grant supported:
• The creation of the first comprehensive structure in northern Greece to address the specific needs of HIV positive people.
• The establishment and operation of a new drop-in Center in Thessaloniki which aimed to provide direct psycho-social support to the most affected populations, as well as increased access to information/ education for the general population in Thessaloniki and northern Greece.

Amount: USD 59,161
Project period: 1/12/2015-31/7/2016
Location: Thessaloniki
Grant Number: OR2015-24203


BABEL Day Center – “Not Alone In Crisis – N.I.C.A.”

The grant supported the provision of mental health services for beneficiaries who found themselves in a legal void and have been trapped because of the lack of access to social security. The new program prioritized children’s mental health through the creation of a special children’s unit.

Amount: USD 69,444
Project period: 1/9/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Greece
Grant Number: OR2015-23220

BABEL – “Not Alone In Crisis” (N.I.C.A.)

The grant supported Babel Day Center in covering the mental health needs of the vulnerable inhabitants of the Kypseli district, in downtown Athens.
The project covered beneficiaries who lack or have lost the right to access mental health services, in particular undocumented migrants and Greek citizens without health insurance, due to the crisis.

Amount: $ 45,000.00
Project period: 01/09/2014-31/08/2015
Location: Athens
Contract No: OR2014-12459


Greek Council for Refugees (GCR) – Fighting The Refugee Crisis in Athens

The grant supported a program that aimed to cover the social and legal needs of refugees, as well as their accommodation and food, while also enabling NGO workers to pursue effective outreach through skills-strengthening exercise.

Amount: USD 192,231.68
Project period: 15/10/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Athens
Grant Number: OR2015-25405

Greek Council for Refugees (GCR) – Provision of Legal and Psycho-Social Aid in Thessaloniki

The grant supported the Greek Council for Refugees to continue its activities, offering legal services and psycho-social support to asylum seekers, refugees and victims of racist violence.
This 18-month project supported vulnerable population groups in Thessaloniki and detention/reception centers in N. Greece (Paranesti, Xanthi, Evros), while raising awareness for the rights of refugees among stakeholder authorities and the general public.
SolidarityNow also supported the specialized services that GCR provided, varying from screening of vulnerable cases to representation before asylum committees, in order to enable 2,000 asylum seekers and refugees to exercise their social and legal rights.

Amount: USD 299,285.10
Project period: 1/2/2014-30/4/2016
Location: Thessaloniki
Grant Number: OR2015-22721

Greek Council on Refugees – “Legal and Pyschosocial Support”

The 18-month grant to the Greek Council for Refugees, supported running a legal and psycho-social service for refugees in Thessaloniki, as well as at detention centers in Northern Greece.

Amount: $ 194,283.00
Project period: 01/07/2013-31/12/2014
Location: Thessaloniki
Contract No: OR2013-06801

merimna-anilikon merimna-anilikon-2

Society For The Care of Minors (SMA) – Welfare Support For Unaccompanied Minors

The project aimed to provide accommodation, care and support to 17 teenagers from other countries, hosted by the Society for the Care of Minors. The Center for Unaccompanied Minors is located in an old building in Exarhia, downtown Athens ad offers psychosocial support, legal advice, teaching assistance, vocational training and guidance to the hosted children. Through year-long financing, SolidarityNow ensured the smooth operation of the Center, during a time where the flow of migrants rapidly increased.

Amount: USD 48,970
Project period: 1/6/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Athens
Grant Number: OR2015-22695

Society for the Care of Minors – Youth Refugee Center

The grant assisted in:
– The creation of a hosting center for 30 unaccompanied minors
– Organizing and operating, in conjunction with the Panhellenic Association of Professional Translators Graduates, an educational and accreditation scheme for the tenants, aiming to reinforce their employability potential into mediation and interpretation professions, as well as providing services for the migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Greece
The grant covered the cost for the necessary renovating of the building, as well as for equipment, meals and education materials.

Amount: USD 359,482
Project period: 1/10/2015-31/4/2016
Location: Greece
Grant Number: OR2015-24226


Caritas Refugees Program

The program offered basic relief and integration services to migrants and refugees that range from soup kitchens to language courses.

Amount: USD 66,929
Project period: 1/9/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Athens
Grant Number: OR2015-25639


Municipality of Thessaloniki – Action for Refugees in Thessaloniki – Shelter and Support Services

The grant supported a series of operations pertaining to refugees living in Thessaloniki such as:
• Hotel accommodation for 80 people/day for six months
• Medical and psychosocial support, mainly healthcare services, medicinal support and referrals to other organizations/structures for further care, etc.
• Legal advice and aid for 400 people, especially to individuals who are in need international protection.

Amount: USD 224,581.60
Project period: 1/10/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Thessaloniki
Grant Number: OR2015-24680


Positive Voice – People Living With the HIV virus: Intervention – Support – Diagnosis – Empowerment

The grant supported a series of action-plans pertaining to the HIV/AIDS virus, such as:
• HIV/AIDS screenings
• Evidence-based research on transsexual sex workers
• The organization of activities that raised awareness and aimed to reduce the rise in new infections, combat stigma and educate the general population, with a particular emphasis on younger age groups.
• Legal/psychosocial support to HIV+ individuals.
• First-aid kit distribution for Injecting Drug Users (IDUs)
• Support services to former inmates after they have been released in order to reintegrate them into society.

Amount: USD 111,109
Project period: 1/8/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Athens, Thessaloniki
Grant Number: OR2015-24668


Gay and Lesbian Association of Greece (OLKE) – Program for Combatting Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

The project, implemented by a consortium under the leadership of Lesbian and Gay Community of Greece (OLKE), had a two-fold mission: firstly, to operate a Helpline, providing psycho-social support to LGBTQI+ people, their families and educators (which had been established at the Athens Solidarity Center), and secondly, to lead a media and advocacy campaign, the first of its kind in Greece, raising awareness about same-sex partnership and marriage.

Amount: USD 99,493.60
Project period: 1/12/2015-31/7/2016
Location: Athens, Thessaloniki, Xanthi
Grant Number: OR2015-24667


New Venture Fund – Social Integration Initiative

The project supported the research and design of a system that will screen and assess the health, social and employment needs of residents of the City of Athens and refer them to corresponding services and structures.
Selected beneficiaries will be reintegrated into the labor market by receiving support in the form of mentoring and training on entrepreneurship and job seeking and by participating in the “Social Enterprises for Integration Initiative” (SEI).
Additionally, the grant financially supported the Athens Partnership Organization in order to fully develop its capacity and implement its activities.

Amount: USD 280,700
Project period: 30/10/2015-30/10/2016
Location: Athens
Grant Number: OR2015-24666


International Lebsian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association – 19th Annual Conference

Every year, ILGA-Europe’s annual conference brings together key stakeholders including LGBTQI activists, policy makers, funders and other allies of the LGBTQI community, and aims to drive political, social and legal progress on the human rights of LGBTqI people in Europe.
SolidarityNow supported the 2015 ILGA Europe conference in Athens that took place from October 28th to November 1st, 2015. The project brought together more than 450 LGBTQI activists throughout Europe and facilitated their participation in the conference; a special focus was placed on people with double marginality (support to sign language and interpretation).

Amount: USD 4,624
Project period: 1/10/2015-1/12/2016
Location: Athens
Grant Number: OR2015-24663

Social Care and Development Society of Tilos – Emergency Project for Saving Lives (PoM reception)

The grant supported:
• Reception services and improve the capacity to provide relief assistance to the refugees and migrants arriving on the island of Tilos, including: reworks, accommodation and purchase of specialized vehicles
• The provision of food and hygiene kits to arriving migrants on the island

Amount: USD 212,172
Project period: 1/10/2015-1/3/2016
Location: Tilos
Grant Number: OR2015-24437


International Rescue Committee – Protection of Asylum Seekers and Vulnerable Social Groups

The grant supported the International Rescue Committee in a multifold project that aimed to:

  • Offer protection to Asylum Seekers & Vulnerable Groups in Lesvos,
  • Mobilize flash missions of targeted support to emergency situations developing on the Greek islands and borders,
  • Conduct an assessment mission/study in Turkey during the winter to help better inform the broader collective response of possible numbers for 2016. The project aimed to bolster protection through specific targeted actions, awareness, mediation, and advocacy action, based on the expertise of the organization and its current ongoing work on the island of Lesvos.
    Strengthen capacities of partners and volunteers, which in turn, strengthened the bonds between vulnerable populations and authorities and organizations.

Amount: USD 576,373
Project period: 1/9/2015-31/8/2016
Location: Lesvos, Turkey, Balkans
Grant Number: OR2015-24078


Society For School and Family Consultation and Research – International Program “We C.A.R.E.”

Through this grant, the Society for School and Family Consultation and Research assumed the responsibility to set-up an international teachers’ training program, focusing on prevention and intervention in the school/educational community, supporting children and parents in times of social crisis, and building an international network of “caring schools.”
The project enhanced the understanding and handling of aggressive behaviors, providing consultation services and remote training for parents and teachers, through an innovative e-tool which connected schools from different locations around Greece and the world.

Amount: USD 55,544
Project period: 1/9/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Greece
Grant Number: OR2015-24070


Hellenic Liver Patient Association “Prometheus” – Project

The project supported the development of an electronic platform for mapping structures and services that was provided to vulnerable groups, including those affected by the economic crisis in Greece.

Amount: USD 35,228
Project period: 1/8/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Greece
Grant Number: OR2015-24069

Zoi Plagios – Improvement of Program Training for People Living With Special Needs

Due to the lack of public services for disabled people, this project aimed to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the local community of Thessaloniki, and the involvement of the local community, to create conditions in which people with disabilities could live on their own. The project offered the above through a personalized program for people with disabilities and their families (100 in total) and for 60 volunteers from the surrounding area (home, school, work, and neighborhood).

Amount: USD 33,392
Project period: 1/9/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Thessaloniki
Grant Number: OR2015-24055


SKEP – Association of Social Responsibility for Children and Youth – Familiarizing Youth About Disabilities

Through a variety of activities that range from open discussions, without censorship and mediators, to the creation of a new communication code emphasizing on setting interaction channels for respect and acceptance, the project sought to reshape participating students’ attitudes towards disabilities.
Motivational speakers with disabilities conducted discussions in classrooms in order to establish a climate of understanding, information and awareness raising.

Amount: USD 24,437
Project period: 1/9/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Greece
Grant Number: OR2015-24053


Generation 2.0 for Human Rights, Equality and Diversity – The Volcano of Diversity

Created a board game that aimed at familiarizing people with the concepts of diversity and acceptance of others, with a focus on ethnic, religious or other minority groups.
This project intended to introduce activities in schools that reflect the current composition of Greek society – a multicultural and diverse society.

Amount: USD 25,732
Project period: 1/10/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Athens
Grant Number: OR2015-23267


Melissa – Network for Migrant Women in Greece

This grant financially supported Melissa’s activities pertaining to the improvement of women’s position by providing a safe space and a platform for women of differing backgrounds to strengthen their voices in society.

Amount: USD 75,255
Project period: 1/6/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Athens
Grant Number: OR2015-23258

Faros – Faros Adventures

This project aimed to design and implement 12 recreational activites for unaccompanied minors as well as strengthening the foundations of the organization, Faros.

Amount: USD 5,624
Project period: 1/9/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Athens
Grant Number: OR2015-23244


Scientific Association For the Care of Children and Adolescents (SYMEPE) – Center for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Children with Developmental and Learning Disabilities in Thessaloniki

The project financially supported SYMEPE to strengthen its foundations and develop its fundraising department.
Located in Thessaloniki, SYMEPE provides: 1. training to mental health professionals, social workers, teachers, occupational therapists, social organizations and associations dealing with minors, and people interested in issues related to children and their mental health, 2. support and counseling services to civil society organizations and child protection associations, schools etc. and 3. raises awareness for the prevention and improvement of children’s mental health.

Amount: USD 22,613.87
Project period: 1/11/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Athens
Grant Number: OR2015-23130


ERGANI (Center For The Support of the Employment and Entrepreneurship of Women) – SO NEW (SOcial EntrepreNEurship noW)

Supported ERGANI’s Career Training Center that offers job searching services and skills enhancement, with a focus on the integration of women in the labor market.

Amount: USD 168,000
Project period: 31/7/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Thessaloniki
Grant Number: OR2015-23124


SYMBIOSIS – DOKUMENTA: Building Civil Society and Migrant Communities’ Capacity In Communication, Advocacy and Media

The project supported capacity building of civil society and immigrant communities in public dialogue, information and public intervention, and the successful use of mass media in media production and media relations by providing training for 30 NGOs and migrant communities in northern Greece, Thessaloniki and Xanthi. The training aimed to help NGOs learn how to use media outlets and to assist them in their work to overcome negative and inaccurate portrayals of their communities. Through workshops, seminars and on-job practice, the project brought together media representatives, researchers, policy makers and civil society organization representatives, and created channels of communication, networking and long-term partnerships.

Amount: USD 79,498
Project period: 30/6/2015-30/4/2016
Location: Thessaloniki, Xanthi, Athens
Grant Number: OR2015-23115

Iliahtida – Xenia Land in Lesvos

SolidarityNow supported the NGO Iliaktida in order to provide extremely vulnerable individuals or families with temporary housing and psychosocial and legal support.

Amount: USD 45,318.40
Project period: 16/8/2015-15/1/2016
Location: Lesvos
Grant Number: OR2015-22686


Boroume: Saving Food, Saving Lives – “We Are Family Food Aid Program” (Athens-Thessaloniki)

Under the coordination of BOROUME, SolidarityNow joined forces with Social Services from Municipalities of Nikea-Renti, Zografou and Acharnes, along with AB Vasilopoulos and Sklavenitis super market chains, in order to help underprivileged families combat hunger and malnutrition. For six months, 50 families living under the poverty threshold in greater Athens area will get monthly food vouchers, deviating from the soup-kitchen concept.
A similar concept was applied in Thessaloniki.

Amount: USD 38,502 (Athens) – 35,182 (Thessaloniki)
Project period: 1/10/2015-31/3/2016
Location: Athens, Nikea/Thessaloniki
Grant Number: OR2015-22664


Music Movement “Support and Care Through Music – Musical Therapy Programs for Children and Families”

The Musical Movement in collaboration with the Child Psychiatry at the Medical School of Athens University at Children’s Hospital “Agia Sophia” implemented the project “Support and Care through Music – Therapy Programs for the infant, child and family using the tool of Music “.

Amount: $ 6,250.00
Project period: 01/02/2015-31/08/2015
Location: Athens
Contract No: OR2015-19077


AFI – Implementing Microcredit In Greece

Supported a pilot project that aimed to promote microfinance in Greece under the auspices of ActionAid Ελλάς and the French organization Adie.
AFI’s initiative aimed to meet the current needs for employment by supporting young entrepreneurs through BDS training and micro-credit loans intended to boost their business.

Amount: $ 206,317.00
Project period: 01/06/2014-31/05/2015
Location: Athens and Thessaloniki wider areas
Contract No: OR2014-12780


ISPM – Community Health Care Needs Assessment (Institute For Social and Preventive Medicine)

Supported research, conducted by the Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine, to identify and assess the unmet health care needs of the population of the 4th Municipal District of downtown Athens.  The ultimate goal was that the findings would contribute to the improvement of the health services currently provided to the community as well as to the development of new health care services that will effectively meet the needs of the local population.

Amount: € 24.522
Project period: 31/03/14-30/06/14
Location: Athens, 4th District


50+ – “Active Citizens For Europe”

This grant to the organization, 50+ Hellas, aimed to raise awareness among senior citizens about European issues with activities as well as strengthen citizen participation in the electoral process for the European Parliamentary elections.

Amount: $ 8,793.00
Project period: 01/09/2013-31/12/2014
Location: Athens
Contact No: OR2013-09977


Marinopoulos – “Social Grocery”

The grant funded a 6-month project that supported the expansion of the Social Grocery Store in Thessaloniki run by Marinopoulos Group in cooperation with the Municipality of Thessaloniki. The Social Grocery’s objective was to support vulnerable social groups (of little-to-no income) subjected to social and financial exclusion, by supplying these individuals with super market goods free of charge.

Amount: $ 275,346.99
Project period: 29/10/2013-30/04/2014
Location: Thessaloniki


AVANTI Europe – “Paneuropean Communications Campaign”

The grant supported the launch of the Europe-wide communication campaign “Avanti Europe” for the revision of the austerity plan in Greece.

Amount: $ 94.000.00
Project period: 15/02/2013-09/05/2013
Location: Greece

Grants infographic