Giorgos Moutafis for SolidarityNow

SolidarityNow makes the next step; the one towards refugees’ and migrants’ social inclusion into Greek society and the other by creating opportunities and conditions for strengthening the skills required of all vulnerable population groups -Greeks and all nationalities- by providing them free access to specialized knowledge. In the framework of the lifelong learning program entitled “Education Matters”, implemented by SolidarityNow since December 2017, the organization adapts actions that respond to the participants’ everyday needs and enhance their skills set as one of its objectives, access to labor market. Already, during 2017, more than 2,200 people in Athens and Thessaloniki participated at the SolidarityNow programs, mainly to learn the Greek and English languages; numbers have been increasing gradually in 2018.

Our society will not benefit by considering young people as travelers who have missed the train and remain in a noisy waiting room facing a blank announcement board. In fact, the provision of educational services is not connected to where these young people will be in a few years“, says Antigone Lyberaki, SolidarityNow General Director and points out: “What they need, whether they stay or leave Greece, are skills, self-confidence, dreams and goals. Education will support their way towards a smooth social inclusion in their new society and reality, but also will strengthen them in their attempt to claim a decent job and the way of life they have dreamt; either in Greece or elsewhere.

The educational programmes and activities designed for adults and children aim to improve your knowledge and abilities as well as facilitate a smoother integration into the society. Some of them, are as follows:

  • Greek for adults, all levels
  • English and French for adults, all levels
  • Arabic as mother tongue for children aged 6 to 18
  • Computer classes for adults
  • Drama classes (theatrical role play, drama therapy)
  • Seminars and educational programs
  • Informative events aiming at community empowerment as well as providing information for humanitarian field employees
  • Community empowerment activities which promote and enhance intercultural interaction
  • Advocacy and promotion of Human Rights

For more info, call  211 4062478