EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT: Changes in the mode of operation of the Solidarity Centers due to the covid-19 pandemic

We remain by your side in solidarity and we combat this together!

Athens -Thessaloniki, 18th of March 2020. At SolidarityNow we have been following closely the developments regarding the covid-19 pandemic affecting the planet and our country, more specifically. We all recognize that these are challenging times for our beneficiaries, and for our colleagues working in the field helping others and especially the vulnerable. We recognize our role in addressing the needs of the most vulnerable, thus we want to inform you that we will continue to respond to the vital needs and will keep safeguarding the rights of all: Greeks, refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in our country through our Solidarity Centers.

Our teams will continue to support population groups following the national guidelines of #StayHome campaign and all the necessary procedures in order to safeguard public health for the protection and common good.

We remain by your side in solidarity and we combat this together!

In this context, and in compliance with the official national measures in order to limit the transmission of the covid-19 virus, our Solidarity Centers in Athens and Thessaloniki will operate in the following manner effective today:

Athens Solidarity Center

The Athens Solidarity Center team will provide updated information, and will be available to answer the public’s questions regarding all of its Services sent to athens@solidaritynow.org as well as to its Facebook page https://facebook.com/athenssolidaritycenter/

More specifically per Service:

Employability Service: the counselors are continuing to offer their services and support the beneficiaries through our dedicated Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Employability-Service-by-SolidarityNow-583793971990063/. Through this page, beneficiaries can receive information on job advertisements, educational programs and every relevant information regarding employment. Moreover, they can contact the counselors individually with specific questions and requests. In addition, we are continuing, whenever deemed necessary, our contact with both the beneficiaries and the employers.

Accounting Service: the service remains available to clarify matters such as tax returns or issues related to the submission and renewal of social benefits, through the email athens@solidaritynow.org and the Facebook page https://facebook.com/athenssolidaritycenter/.

Social Service: the service will continue online to stand by vulnerable groups, answering questions submitted through the Facebook page https://facebook.com/athenssolidaritycenter/ or by email at athens@solidaritynow.org.

Legal team: the lawyers of Athens Solidarity Center continue to support and follow up their cases and they remain at your disposal for the clarification of any questions concerning the temporary suspension of administrative services of certain public authorities. Any beneficiary who wishes to be informed about the progress of his case or about the necessary actions to be undertaken when the suspension is lifted, is advised to contact us by email at athens@solidaritynow.org or inbox the present Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/athenssolidaritycenter/. We will monitor the situation and provided detailed information about the operation of the Courts, the District Government Offices, the Asylum Service, the Dublin Unit and the Appeals’ Authority.

Psychological Service: the psychologists continue to provide their services through teleconference for our current beneficiaries that have access to video-call applications. The following days one of our psychologists will contact you in order to arrange an appointment and guide you. You can also make your request on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/athenssolidaritycenter/ or email to athens@solidaritynow.org. Currently, this service is only available in Greek and English.

At the same time our Centre’s psychologists will provide psychological support and counselling, through teleconference, to medical, paramedical and hospital staff that are currently giving the battle against the covid-19. This service is also available for people experiencing stress, fear and anxiety as a consequence of the covid-19 pandemic and the quarantine isolation. Those interested can make their request on our Facebook page and one of our psychologists will contact you as soon as possible. Currently, this service is only available in Greek and English.

Such services -in Greek- are also provided by:

  • Medical Association of Athens: Helpline with volunteer doctors, psychologists, social workers for vulnerable groups at 214 214 2020.
  • Aiginiteio University Hospital: Psychological support telephone line and conference call for citizens experiencing the effects of the pandemic:
  • Monday to Friday at 210 7297 957 from 10.00am to 04.00 pm*
  • Saturday and Sunday at 210 7289 240 from 10.00 am to 04.00 pm*
  • Klimaka NGO: Support and medical counseling for people with mental health problems at 2103417162-3.

Thessaloniki Solidarity Center

For the next period of time, the services of the Thessaloniki Solidarity Center will be provided remotely, by telephone or via skype. The team will continue to stand by the side of the most vulnerable in order to cover emergencies and provide support to scheduled appointments.

More specifically, the Center’s employees will continue to be in contact with beneficiaries about their scheduled appointments. For any further information you can contact at thessaloniki@solidaritynow.org or by phone 2310 501030.

Refugee Support Center – Blue Refugee Center, Thessaloniki

The services of the Refugee Support Center – Blue Refugee Center in Thessaloniki will be provided remotely for the next period of time. The team will continue to be on the side of the most vulnerable in order to respond to emergencies and provide support to scheduled appointments. At the same time, services will be available via skype.

The Center’s staff will continue to receive your questions and receive requests by phone. You can reach us at 2310555263, 2310555264, 2310555266. You can also send us a message at our inbox here https://www.facebook.com/Blue_Refugee_Center_by_SolidarityNow-1702920630002785/.

For any further information or communication, you can contact us at thebluecenter@solidaritynow.org

* Since May 2019 the Athens Solidarity Center is financed by EEA and Norway Grants, with HumanRights360 and CROWE Greece as the fund operator. The Center is also supported by  the Municipality of Athens.

** Thessaloniki Solidarity Center was established and is supported by Open Society Foundations.

*** The Blue Refugee Center’s operation is supported by UNHCR and UNICEF and funded by ECHO (European Commission – Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid Operations).