He wears earphones and listens to music, at the same time, he hears the sounds of nearby traffic on the street. From time to time he greets shopkeepers in the area where he works, his job is very important, as he tends to the cleaning of the streets for all of us. And he likes his job, he feels proud to take care of his city.

He is 62-year-old Kostas, who lives in Athens, and we now see him working, being autonomous and independent and with a smile. When he gets off work, Mr. Kostas, will go rest at home. A roof he recently acquired as he was forced to live on the street for some time. The circumstances of his life lead him there and it took a great deal of effort not to give up on life and start over.

But You Can’t See Him.

Because at SolidarityNow we supported Kostas get reintegrated in society, through the employability and accommodation programs.

To date, we have done this with more than 300,000 people in need.

And we go on.