APE-MPE: 4.215 refugees from Ukraine have registered to HELIOS integration project

“Each person registered to HELIOS Project and take lessons at the Integration Learning Center (ILC) of SolidarityNow in Athens is provided with holistic support”, Dimitra Koutsoumba, ILC Coordinator, pointed out. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Greece organized the visit of the journalist Maria Kouzinopoulou to the SolidarityNow Integration Learning Center, focusing on the […]

MACEDONIA: Completion of the ‘Step-by-Step’ program by SolidarityNow for the unaccompanied children

Macedonia newspaper hosts the article regarding the completion of the “Step-by-Step” program, which was implemented from September 2020 to March 2022. The program (MIS:5063334) was funded within the framework of the National Program of the Asylum, Migration, and Integration Fund and the European Union and implemented with the support of the Special Secretariat for the […]

REUTERS: In Greek migrant camp, Afghan woman finds strength in art

Reuters presents for the International Women’s Day, Roya, the 18-year-old Afghan who lives in the refugee and migrant accommodation structure in Thebes. There, Roya creates a parallel world with her own hands. Against today’s adversities and painful past, Roya creates a world of colors and stories through paintings. Painting is the ‘vehicle’ for Roya to […]