The article by Sophia Ioannou, Head of Communications, concerning the living conditions at the Moria camp in Lesvos following the on-site visit along with Giorgos Moutafis, photojournalist. The article was published on the newspaper’s Christmas issue. Full article

Agence France-Presse: 110-year-old’ Syrian migrant reaches Greece

The journalist on behalf of AFP visited the SolidarityNow home where the Syrian 110-year-old Laila Saleh is hosted along with her family. Her documents say she was born in the Kurdish city of Kobane in Syria in 1907; despite her age, Laila made the dangerous journey across the Aegean to the Greek island of Lesbos […]

ERT-TV Channel: Ahmad; a 50-year-old, lawyer, painter and poet from Syria

Ahmad, in his country Syria and in the Arab world, is among the well-known contemporary authors. Today is one of the SolidarityNow beneficiaries who lives in a house in Athens with his eldest son in the framework of the ESTIA emergency support program. In the link below (47’.02-49’.04) you can see Ahmad describing his life […]

VICE: Nine GIFs displaying the Life of the Refugees in Lesvos

The electronic magazine Vice, published  nine short videos (gifs) that were produced shortly prior the Christmas holidays and after the on-site visit of SolidarityNow representatives and the photojournalist George Moutafis. These short videos show in a brief but comprehensive way the inhuman living conditions of the refugees at Moria camp. Full article

DW: In Greece, Turks tell of lives full of fear in Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey

While Recep Erdogan visits Greece as the first Turkish head of state in 65 years to do so, Turks who recently fled reflect on what compelled them to go. Marianna Karakoulaki and Dimitris Tosidis report from Thessaloniki. Fear and uncertainty has been spreading in Turkey for years. Serhat, 24, a political activist and member of […]