action24: SN’s General Manager, Ms Antigone Lyberaki, on the refugee and the humanitarian crisis

The General Manager of #SolidarityNow, Antigone Lyberaki – Antigone Lyberaki spoke TODAY on Action24 channel for the activities of the organization that aim to improve the living conditions of thousands of people – Greeks, refugees and immigrants. Speaking of the organization’s Solidarity Centers, she stressed the character of the “open door” of their operation, since […]

THE TOC: NGOs alarmed due to the refugees’ flows from Evros

Dominika Spyratou, the organization’s Advocacy Officer was interviewed by the journalist of the news portal, regarding the issue of the increased number of refugees arriving in Greece via Evros river and the unprecedented event of the largest number of refugees’ arrivals by the land rather than by the sea for April 2018. Click here […]

TA NEA: ANTIGONE LYBERAKI – Transforming “them” into “we”

#SolidarityNow General Manager, Ms Antigone Lyberaki writes in the newspaper TA NEA on the ongoing increase of refugee flows in the islands and the initiatives that may be taken to integrate these people into the social fabric – initiatives such as SolidarityNow’s Solidarity Centers in Athens and Thessaloniki.  Original article 


In SKAI’s “Stories” regarding the inclusion of the refugees who are staying in Greece and Europe, Pavlos Tsimas watches the lives of refugees living in Greece trying to learn the Greek language, study and work. Among them there are the beneficiaries and the team members of  SolidarityNow’s hosting structure in Attica, under the #estia program […]


“We want to show the lives of specific women who are everyday women like you like me, coming from different countries but having a common characteristic: they never lose their strength”, said Ms Eleni Stamatoukou, Press Officer of SolidarityNews in Thessaloniki at Kokkino 105,5 FM speaking about the objectives of the campaign “8 women, 8 […]


Blue Dots Children and Family Care Centers started in 2016 at Piraeus Port by UNICEF, and Solidarity Now took over 15 months ago to deliver striking results in the holistic support of refugee vulnerable population groups (children, moms and women). Click here to hear the interview of Ms. Antigone Lyberaki, Gen. Director of Solidarity Now. The bread made by the Yazidis women in Volvi

The journalist Alexia Kalaitzi, visited the refugees structure in Volvi along with Eleni Stamatoukou, the organization’s Press & Event Officer in Thessaloniki, and the photojournalist Giorgos Moutafis, and writes about the special group of Yazidis women. These women are beneficiaries of the Blue Dots Unit operating in the camp of Volvi by SolidarityNow; they have […]