The Athens Solidarity Center (ASC) is the answer to the complex needs emerged by the economic crisis and exacerbated by the refugee crisis.

The doors of the Athens Solidarity Center opened in December 2014 and since then, it has been an example of optimal cooperation between a public body (Municipality of Athens), the local civil society and institutional supporters.

The Center follows an “open door“ policy, which means that it welcomes all people in need indiscriminately – that is, regardless of nationality, origin, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs etc. The only criterion is their vulnerability.

More specifically, the target population groups are those who either already are or are at risk of being socially excluded, such as:
a) people with little or no income, irrespective of national or ethnic origin;
b) migrants who have not yet found their place in society;
c) minorities (such as the Roma);
d) refugees and asylum seekers;
e) young people who are out of employment or education

The Center serves hundreds of our people in need daily, who receive high quality free social, psychological, and legal
support services, employment support services and accounting services.

A work in progress

The first phase of the Athens Solidarity Center was implemented in partnership with the Municipality of Athens and civil society organizations, including PRAKSIS, ARSIS, Network for Children’s Rights and Together for Children, with the financial support of the European Economic Area Grants (EEA Grants). This collaboration provided free primary healthcare services, legal aid and counseling, employment services to assist with job acquisition and labor market reentry, and a comprehensive service system for mothers and children (Day Center for Children, the 11525 Helpline and a counseling center).

Today, after building on its successful experience and being accordingly reconfigured, it offers an improved and more comprehensive set of services to refugees, migrants and Greeks who are in need, such as:

Social Service

  • Social protection
  • Counseling
  • Empowerment
  • Interconnection work

Psychological support – Counseling

  • Individual counseling and psychotherapy
  • Group counseling for empowerment, integration and personal development

Legal Service

  • Legal counselling
  • Μediation
  • Court Representation (depending on the case)

Employability services

  • Support for unemployed during job search
  • Job orientation sessions (CV preparation, personal job plan)
  • Employment skills training (job search through internet and newspaper, free use of internet)
  • Preparation for interview procedures
  • Thematic workshops, seminars and networking with potential employers
  • Networking with educational programs (computer, language etc)

Provision of Counseling and Accounting support  

  • Tax consultancy for individuals
  • Counseling and guidance for municipal benefits, social benefits and debt settlements

[An office of the Asylum Service (state service) is hosted in the Athens Solidarity Center and operates independently on predefined appointments]

Since August 2022, the Athens Solidarity Center is financed by EEA Grants, with ΣΟΛ Crowe and HumanRights360 as the fund operator.

From 1/7/2021 till 30/6/2023, Kahane Foundation supports the Psychosocial service of the Athens Solidarity Center.

The Athens Solidarity Center is also supported by  the Municipality of Athens.

From 1/8/2021 till 31/7/2022, the Athens Solidarity Center’s operation was supported through a grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) in the framework of its global COVID-19 Relief Initiative.

Since May 2019 and till July 2021, the Athens Solidarity Center was financed by EEA and Norway Grants, with CROWE Greece and HumanRights360 as the fund operator. 

From May 1st 2016 till May 22nd 2019, ASC had been financed by SolidarityNow and Open Society Foundations (OSF/OSIFE). 

Athens Solidarity Center was established through Open Society Foundations and EEA Grants – Norway financial support (EEAGR08.02), in cooperation with the Municipality of Athens until 30.04.2016.

From November 1st 2016 till December 31st 2017, complementary services provided by the ASC were funded by EaSI (Employment and Social Innovation) in the context of “Employment enhancement and Social services integration in Athens Municipality (ESTI@)” program.