Since January 2014, the Thessaloniki Solidarity Center (TSC) has served as a central hub that provides healthcare services, social support services, and legal aid to underprivileged groups who live in Thessaloniki. All services are provided free of charge, and there are no requirements as to who can receive services, meaning local Greeks, migrants and refugees are all welcomed. This model represents a comprehensive effort aimed at poverty alleviation and social integration of those most affected by the crises facing Greece – namely the economic downfall and the influx of migrants and refugees.

In April 2016, the Thessaloniki Solidarity Center entered a second phase of operation. Building on lessons learned, the TSC shifted its model to one that focused more on the provision of individualized services tailored to each beneficiary. This personalized approach provides a more complete set of services focused on an individual’s needs, in order to best overcome the range of difficulties and obstacles he or she encounters.

The Thessaloniki Solidarity Center continues to focus on integration measures, such as assistance with employment and educational programs, which help to enhance a peaceful coexistence between Greek nationals, migrants and refugees. As a place that welcomes all individuals in need, the TSC also serves as an inter-communal space, where beneficiaries can interact, exchange ideas and experiences, while growing together as one community.

Thessaloniki Solidarity Center was established and is supported by Open Society Foundations.
From September 1st 2016 till August 1st, 2017, refugee-related services were supported by UNHCR and co-funded by the European Union.