mind the fact: new festival in town

mindthefact, the new Athens cultural festival will take place from 26 to 29 May and its aim is to bring together the people living next to us.

On Friday 19 May, at 6.30 pm mindthefact in cooperation with SolidarityNow will meet you at Larissa Station with … balloon faces!

The passers-by will paint their own balloon, they will be photographed with it and take it with them – a funny companion!

SolidarityNow supports cultural and entertainment initiatives that aim to bring together people living in the same city but having different backgrounds, interesting, living conditions. We envision an open society, a diverse social fabric where different people harmoniously coexist, with their capabilities and diversities, and where they can grow and learn from each other.

The neighborhood of Larissa station is an important solidarity hub for SolidarityNow, since the organization’s Athens Solidarity Center which is open to all vulnerable populations (Greeks, migrants, refugees) since 2014, and has already provided 130,000 free services to approximately 55,000 fellow humans.

See here the full program of the festival