The new updated website of SolidarityNow is on “air”!

The SolidarityNow new website is on “air” with updated content for the organization’s activities and work, a modern design, a fresh appearance and mainly a dynamic and user-friendly interface. The renewed website is an effort to reflect in a more complete way the multidimensional work of SolidarityNow for the people who most need our help and support and to provide direct and reliable information in all the new initiatives undertaken.

The comprehensive information, transparency and accountability are the basic principles governing the operation of SolidarityNow; this becomes apparent today through the launch of our new website which is a modern communication tool of our dynamically developing work“, notes Sophia Ioannou, Director of Communications.

In, visitors can easily navigate and gain immediate information for the organization’s humanitarian work as well as find detailed and updated data on each program which is either in progress or has been completed, and any consequent activity for the benefit of vulnerable social groups of Greeks, refugees, and migrants.

Visit and find out more in the following links of how we convert Internet into action:

  • The section “Our Work, where the geography of the implemented programs in the country is presented schematically as well as the “Solidarity Centers” contact details and those of Mobile Units, in order to achieve the direct access for those who have immediate need. SolidarityNow is active in Athens, Thessaloniki and in other eleven (11) geographical points in Greece.
  • The section “Press Office, for the organization’s news concerning the project implemented to address the humanitarian and refugee crisis, for the presentation of human stories through the eyes of both, our beneficiaries and employees, as well as for any new and current activity.
  • The section “Work with us, for every new job opening in the organization’s projects as well as for every public tender.
  • The section “Supporters, to see at a glance, the sources of financial support to the organization’s work and mission and the bodies and institutions that help the programs’ implementation.

Alongside,SolidarityNow’s new website provides detailed information on the annual financial statements of the organization, the members of the Board of Directors as well as on the people working in the programs, aiming at the prompt access of all to the information relating to SolidarityNow. The organization’s operation, since its establishment in 2013, is based upon the principles of transparency and accountability.

A click on is a small step towards solidarity; our objective is the website to become the digital reference point of accurate information in the map of NGOs in Greece.