We all together said ‘by[e] plastic’ in an Open Day event!

K_Zirganos-Kazoleas for SolidarityNow

An educational action by SolidarityNow

What happened on Saturday, September 29th, among three machines, plastic objects and an excited group of people?

Despite the adverse weather conditions at the end of September, 20 people came eagerly and with increased curiosity at the SolidarityNow Intercultural Center “Diadromes” at 11am to learn how to recycle/up-cycling useless plastic materials.

All of them had brought plastic bottles, cups and bags in different sizes and for two hours they were informed and actively involved in a recycling/up-cycling process of plastic material.

After acquaintance between the associates, participants and machinery operators, one of the last presented to the public the categories of plastic, asking everyone then to separate the plastic objects they had brought based on what they’ve learned. The aim was to separate the objects in the different categories of plastic so that with the appropriate techniques the team could transform the plastic objects into something new and creative using the Precious Plastic machines.

And so, it happened.

The process was simple. Participants placed the plastic object in the cutting machine, then into the respective melting machine, and finally, the melted plastic was placed into a mold that had a polygonal shape. The participants welcomed the result of this procedure with great enthusiasm!

Because the result was an object that can be used in many ways: it was a polygonal tile that if painted can decorate a wall or can be utilized, among others, and as a coaster!

With the promise for many other similar actions and open days, the workshop was completed, and all together said ‘Bye’ and ‘By Plastic’, since they initially goodbye a plastic object and then created a brand new one by plastic.

Contact us at education@solidaritynow.org and get informed about the upcoming open day events of the By(e) Plastic program.

*The Open Day event was organized in the context of the educational program By(e) Plastic that is implemented by SolidarityNow, in collaboration with Electra Energy Cooperative and Precious Plastic Greece, while was also linked to the Goal 12 on “Responsible Consumption and Production”, one of the 17 Goals set in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the UN, and the event was jointly organized by SolidarityNow and the Hellenic Platform for Development.

**This educational action was implemented in the framework of the lifelong learning initiative entitled “Education Matters”, implemented by SolidarityNow since December 2017, in collaboration with Almasar and the support of the Development Forum.