SolidarityNow (SN) is a Greek non-profit, humanitarian organization, founded in 2013 to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups of our society, without discrimination.  SN implements projects across thematic areas, aiming to bring together different groups of people to address common challenges.

SN’s headquarters are in Athens with operations throughout the country, mobilizing more than 200 staff members across Greece.



A world of solidarity, hope and tolerance, where people live in dignity and security

We aspire to live in a world where there is solidarity among people, hope for the future and tolerance to difference, where each person can live in dignity and safety. Our programs aim to establish a pathway towards this world, equipping individuals with the tools, skills and information required to appreciate difference and support each other to overcome challenges, while also creating an enabling environment for the pursuit of this vision.


To improve people’s lives and empower them to create a just and inclusive society

SolidarityNow aims to support and enable individuals to take their lives into their own hands and become active members of society. To achieve this, SN implements an array of complementary programs throughout the country, supporting vulnerable and marginalized individuals to actively participate in the creation of an open and inclusive society, where difference and diversity are seen as positive elements, strengthening and enriching individual lives and experiences.

Our Values

Respect: We value differences and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Collaboration: We trust that by working together, we are stronger.

Equality: We believe that all people are equal and should be treated as such. 

Inclusiveness: We aspire to implement inclusive programs, bringing different people together and identifying common solutions to common problems.

Humanity: We are compassionate towards others.

SN has defined four strategic priorities to guide its programs:

  1. Inclusive education for all
  2. Catalyzing livelihoods opportunities
  3. Improving social protection and inclusion
  4. Enabling access to justice and the protection of human rights


Indiscriminate Provision of Holistic Services

Since its establishment, SolidarityNow has focused on implementing programs which support people indiscriminately.

The open-door Solidarity Centers play a central role in building synergies between interventions, allowing us to support individual needs in a holistic manner through multidisciplinary expertise.

Our methodology allows us to focus on empowering individuals to take their lives into their own hands and become agents of change in their communities. Our programs are inclusive and aim to bring people of different backgrounds together to address common issues while at the same time encouraging peer-to-peer support and addressing issues of racism and xenophobia.

Solidarity Centers

SolidarityNow operates two Solidarity Centers in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Each Solidarity Center serves as a central space for civil society organizations to provide various services to the most vulnerable populations of the city. The services offered are free of charge and include legal aid and counseling, psychosocial support, employability services and support programs for parents and children.

Transparency and accountability are the key success factors of our work. The organization is audited on an annual basis by independent auditors (certified accountants), while it carries out regular internal audits based on its operating policies. All relevant information is publicly available and can be accessed through the website (financial data).