Giorgos Moutafis for SolidarityNow

SolidarityNow was established in 2013. Through our initiatives and the services provided to the Greek, migrant and refugee populations, we seek to restore the vision of a strong Europe based on solidarity and open society values.  

Our main objective is to support the most vulnerable members of our society indiscriminately, through innovative social actions.

We implement programs in several areas across Greece, including urban and rural settings. At the same time, we develop focused interventions in refugee camps to support the most vulnerable populations.

The values we stand for

  • Ensure that people are safe and have access to vital resources and services
  • Encourage people to realize their potential for long term economic well-being and self-reliance
  • Empower people to be aware of their rights in order to make decisions that affect their lives
  • Enable the strengthening and independence of Greek Civil Society by defending open society values

Our primary donors include: UNHCR, UNICEF, IOM International, the Radcliffe Foundation, the Shapiro Foundation, EEA Grants, the Norwegian Embassy in Greece, etc.

Programmatic priorities

  • Empowerment, financial independence and social integration
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Education and useful life skills
  • Defense of human rights


Our mission becomes practice through our main pillars of action:


SolidarityNow designs and implements programs that provide assistance and support to those most affected by the economic downturn and the humanitarian crisis. We collaborate with international humanitarian agencies (e.g. UNHCR, UNICEF, IOM etc) to implement programs in a manner that promotes efficiency and allows us to reach the broadest range of beneficiaries, including vulnerable populations.

These programs focus on:

  • responding to the ongoing refugee crisis
  • providing access to basic health services and food aid
  • defending human rights and freedoms
  • supporting the integration of minorities and vulnerable groups


SolidarityNow has created three Solidarity Centers that operate in Thessaloniki and Athens.

Each Solidarity Center serves as a central space for civil society organizations to provide various services to the most vulnerable populations of the city. The services offered are free of charge and include legal aid and counseling, psychosocial support, employability services and support programs for parents and children.