Workshop: “People on the Move: Reception, Detention Inclusion and Vulnerable Groups. Humanitarian Space and Access”

SolidarityNow and the Open Society Foundations co-organized a two-day workshop (19 – 20 March) to focus on the current state of affairs of migration and asylum policy in Greece.

The aim was to provide a venue to host all important stakeholders along with a dynamic audience of experts in order to leverage the dialogue on migration, asylum, detention and integration issues. It is a priority to facilitate communication between authorities and civil society during this very critical transition period Greece is undergoing.

The event was successful with over 65 NGOs, Donors, Foundations, and State agencies participating.

Open Society Foundations in Europe (OSIFE) Director Jordi Vaquer opened the workshop; Ambassador Ingrid Shulerud of the EEA and Norway Grants also made an intervention while our Chairman Mr. Stelios Zavvos closed the workshop announcing that the recommendations produced are to be incorporated into an open call for proposals with a total budget of 1.5 million euro.

Check our web site for more info on the recommendations that are coming soon!