Refugee Family

Four young girls are going to school and all of them are good students.

A 42-year-old man and his wife, their parents, walk on a main street of Athens and they themselves are going to school.

The next day they are all present at a celebration dedicated to the children. Their eldest daughter recites a poem at the celebration making everyone emotional. The poem is called “Peace” by G. Ritsos.

We see the family of Firas, one of the many families that came to Greece looking for safety and dignity something they were deprived of in their homeland. 42-year-old Firas, his wife and four daughters came to Greece from Iraq. Their first stop was at Farmakonisi. Firas was persecuted by the regime at his homeland, he lost his job, his life along with his family were all threatened. He had no other choice but look for safety elsewhere. That is how they decided to pursue their journey towards Greece by crossing the Aegean Sea.

But You Can’t See Them.

Because at SolidarityNow we supported this family to integrate in society, with accommodation and educational programs.

To date, we have done this with more than 300,000 people in need.

And we go on.