The Initiative “Resilient Roots” was completed with a photography and podcast exhibit by the Primary Constituents (beneficiaries) of SolidarityNow who took part in the project

Wisam Sami

60 participants, 4 instructors, a number of colleagues, all took part in an innovative program with the aim of inclusion through interaction

The medium of radio, creative podcasts and photography, some of the most powerful mediums of modern expression. Taking advantage of these tools SolidarityNow chose to give its Primary Constituents of the organization the opportunity to express themselves, create and critique the organization itself, with the sole aim of improving its services and programs through the increased interaction and feedback acquisition between all its constituents.

And they did it.

Through their photographs and podcasts 60 Primary Constituents either share their own story or they share a story that caught their attention. These photographs and podcasts which visitors of the exhibit had the chance to see and hear was held yesterday, 17 September, at Serafeio of the Municipality of Athens (Piraios & Petrou Ralli street, Athens). Abdo, Omar, Karim and other Primary Constituents greeted their instructors and all visitors and were happy to share their experience as part of the program.

“Primary Constituents themselves are most equipped to provide us feedback about their needs. We just provided them with the opportunity and some tools in order to be creative and improve their skills of expression” says Danae Kapralou, the program’s coordinator. She adds that the concept of accountability which was also a primary aim of the program is something that lacks in Greece in general. “It is important for those who try to have a better life, to learn that they are the most equipped to advocate for themselves” they just need to be encouraged in that direction.”

The participants experience in numbers

  • 8% of program participants were male and 16.2% were female, from 6 different countries around the world
  • 76% of participants found the photography and radio trainings to be very interesting and,
  • 82% of those found that the knowledge they acquired through the workshops is a useful tool they will utilize in the future.

In regard to the accountability aspect that was tested through the program, 80% of participants claimed that through their participation in the program they gained more knowledge and understanding of SolidarityNow’s scope of work.

The photography workshops in Athens and Thessaloniki were conducted by George Moutafis and Alexandros Avramidis and respectively the radio workshop (podcast creation) were conducted by Katerina Kafentzi (Kafka) and Christos Kiousis.

*SolidarityNow implemented the pilot accountability program named “The Resilient Roots Initiative,” since July 2018. The program was coordinated by the Civicus network in partnership with the organizations Keystone Accountability & Accountable Now.