“The Small Room with 101 Windows”

“Small Room”, is an artistic project inspired and based on the refugees’ journey from their warring countries to Europe.

The first opening days of the exhibition were from May 28th to May 30th in Thessaloniki, where the initiator-activist Vassilis Tsartsanis, along with the Asklepeion Team, presented their work to the public. The exhibition was held in Bensousan Khan, a 19th-century inn, at the area of Ano Ladakika in Thessaloniki. The exhibition was comprised of a series of installations, with audiovisual material being projected mainly from the mobile phones of the refugees themselves.

The “Small Room with 101 Windows” project, is an experiential and at the same time interactive exhibition, which describes the two year of every day experience with the refugees originating from the war zones heading from Turkey to central Europe.

This vision-project led by Vassilis Tsartsanis’ inspiration and executed by the Asklepeion Team, aims to inform and raise public awareness on the critical refugee issue focusing on its multiple dimensions:

–        the magnitude of this humanistic drama

–        the power of solidarity

–        the threat of the uncontrolled action of the illegal trafficking gangs and their negative impact on the European asylum

–        the urgent need of action of the European authorities

–        the activization of the reflexes of the European citizens

–        the participation of young people and student as well as University institutions throughout Europe

The place/ point of reference, is situated on the Greek-Skopje border at the around area of Eidomeni where the biggest and at the same time most deadly passage to Europe had been established.

SolidarityNow, with the valuable support of our field teams in northern Greece, is participating in this great project with paintings and drawings from our young beneficiaries. The “Small Room” –funded exclusively by OSF– began its journey from Thessaloniki while its official premiere will take place in London, in September 2017. Then it will travel to various European cities; Berlin, Copenhagen, Brussels, Belgrade and Athens, ascertained so far.

See more on the project here.