Spot #3: Message on the Reopening of the Asylum Office

The following message is brought to you by UNHCR and Solidarity Now.

The Asylum Service Offices reopened on May 18th for limited services.

The cards of applicants for international protection which expired between March 13th 2020 and May 31st 2020, are automatically renewed for 6 months. The Asylum Service is not renewing cards of international protection applicants until May 31st

From Monday, May 18th, the following applications can be submitted online at the Asylum Service Website:

  • change of address/telephone,
  • change of personal data,
  • the separation of files,
  • request for copies from the personal file,
  • statement on the status of the application,
  • the rescheduling of hearings,
  • the provision of legal aid, and
  • applications for the deposition of documents.

From Monday, May 18th, the submission of appeals resumes.

Do not go to the Asylum Service Office unless you have a scheduled appointment or need to file an appeal as it is not open to the general public and it works only for specific enquires.

In light of the need to uphold public health, if you visit the Asylum Office, you must wear a mask, keep a one-and-a-half-meter distance between others at all times, and comply with all instructions on hygiene when entering the building.

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