Thessaloniki: Supportive services

Almost from the beginning of the operation of the Center, the need of a service that will aim to inform Beneficiaries about issues relevant to public authorities became a necessity. Gradually, the service was developed. Providing just the information wasn’t enough, so we moved forward by providing assistance on procedures related to benefits/allowances claims etc. Within the year more than 900 acts were performed, including, filling in an application form, writing requests to public authorities, accompanying to public services, translations and mediations on social, legal and medical issues. At the same time the beneficiaries are constantly informed about free activities carried out in the city.

Inside story

Annita, an unemployed mother of 4 from Nigeria, that lives in the country legally for most than 10 years visited the Center for a legal matter last April. She was also informed about a new allowance for all citizens with low income where she could apply.
As she wasn’t aware of the new allowance, we explained her the process. The application must go through the “taxis” online system and we assisted her on that
as she couldn’t do it on her own and she couldn’t afford an accountant. We help her issue a taxis e‐code, fill in the application as it was in Greek and a week later we also checked the
course of her application Some days later her account was credited the amount of 1000€. Throughout the year we had many cases of beneficiaries that were entitled for a benefit or allowance but weren’t able or skilled to go through the application process. The social Service in the frame of a holistic approach, identified these liabilities and provided them assistance, guidance and support.

Ioanna Fourkiotou, SolidarityNow