Article | Trauma Management: Suggestions contributing to a tragic collective time

from the Psychological Support and Counseling Service of the Athens Solidarity Center

The tragedy in the Vale of Tempe on March 1st, creates undoubtedly a condition of national mourning that shows the extent of the collective trauma to which we have all been exposed. The collective trauma of injustice produces feelings of anger and rage, but also of betrayal that generates insecurity towards the institutions and the inadequate mechanisms that do not guarantee people’s safety. The common feeling is that there is no concern for the highest of goods, that of human life.

Dealing with this collective grief that recalls personal griefs and losses becomes manageable only if we allow ourselves to experience, recognize and share the emotions provoked.

The media exposure and detailed descriptions of the accident and the victims, worsen the trauma and take us away from the essence which is how to restore a sense of security through collective action.

The contact and connection with our closest people can be particularly beneficial since the feeling of a supportive network builds up the feeling of security and closeness.

Self-care is not an act of selfishness, but of protection. That’s why you need to find time for self-care even if you feel that this can’t be a priority.

Give time to yourself, your emotions and thoughts and allow the healing process of the traumatic experience, and of course if you feel you are at a dead end seek professional help.

The guilt that accompanies our thoughts, a co-responsibility in the context of how we have shaped the situation in our country, can become the motive that will lead us to collective actions so as to re-establish, practically but also in our conscience, trust, security and the sustainable functioning of the state towards its citizens.

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