The new SolidarityNow awareness campaign entitled: “You Can’t See Them” is on air!

“You Can’t See Them.” This is the key message of the new SolidarityNow awareness campaign launched nationwide to inform and raise public awareness of the organization’s diverse actions on the side of the most vulnerable people and of its role in enhancing and empowering their integration without being visible thus, “we can’t see them”. Through this awareness campaign the organization (re)introduces itself to the wider public.

The campaign’s protagonists are SolidarityNow’s beneficiaries, as well as employees of the organization that supported its development.

“You Can’t See Them”

The new TV spot is airing on TV stations as a social message; through this spot SolidarityNow aims to make within 48” its own mark on the country’s humanitarian map and to inform the wider public about its actions.

In the TV spot, we see scenes of everyday life unfolding in the city: we are wondering around a downtown square on a sunny afternoon. In a café, we ​​see friends drinking their coffee and chatting. A group of friends celebrates one’s birthday, next to them two friends are having coffee while one waitress is serving another group. Sitting on a bench, a man and a woman are happily talking. Two parents play with their children in the square.

Looking at these scenes, nothing gives us the “other side” and the twist. Because in reality at that square, we see a homeless man who was sleeping on the streets for three years. We see a frightened woman who had long been abused by her former partner. We see a couple who had been living in poverty for years without any work. We see a family of refugees saved by the war and the cold waters of the Aegean.  

But you still, cannot see them. 

SolidarityNow, supported them to restart their lives from scratch through psychosocial support, housing and educational programs to help them re-integrate. To date, we have done this with more than 300,000 people in need. And we keep doing it.  

“At SolidarityNow we already count six years of continuous and effective action. As an organization operating in Greece, we traveled through the troubled waters of the economic – but also refugee – crisis, and – urgently – we became an organization that learned swimming and navigation while already in the water”, notes Antigone Lyberaki, the SolidarityNow General Manager. And she continues: “With this campaign, we believe we highlight the role of SolidarityNow in helping to create the modern conditions needed to rebuild the lives of those in need, with dignity and perspective. The goal of all our actions aims for people’s smooth integration and their return to normality. So, we can’t see them and distinguish them.

The campaign’s how and where

Targeting to get the message across, SolidarityNow’s awareness campaign will be “on air” for the general public starting mid-November and for the next two months, and through various communication tools and actions:

  • The TV spot ( “You Can’t See Them” (aired pro bono as social message by the TV Channels)
  • Special tribute to the SolidarityNow website
  • Print ads and electronic ads
  • Online campaign in the organization’s social media pages and accounts
  • Thematic tribute in the organization’s e-newsletter
  • Targeted articles in the press
  • Human stories, with ‘heroes’ the people empowered and supported by the organization’s programs, published on the website, social media and the press.

The SolidarityNow awareness campaign was carried out pro bono by SohoSquare and the advertisement “You Can’t See Them” is a production of Foss Productions.

Stay tuned & follow our digital campaign!