#WEAREFAMILY 04 – Eleftheria’s and Avin’s family

They are children and they need a hug“, Eleftheria Delipaltidou, retired, mother of two

A lovely morning in the area of Prochoma at Thessaloniki begins with this short but indicative greeting:

–        Good morning, mom!

–        Good morning, my baby!

Then, they exchange the day’s first kisses and hugs and sit together around the table to have breakfast. This takes place every day since August, when they started living together.

A beautiful family moment, among people who are not blood related, however they became a family thanks to the offer of Eleftheria and George, who opened their home and most widely their arms, to host and embrace the Syrian family of Avin, Kawa and their daughter.

Watch here the very moving video of this wonderful cohabitation.