SolidarityNow contributes to the coordination of the aid provided to the fire victims

Giorgos Moutafis for SolidarityNow

Reciprocity: the organization’s teams and refugees-beneficiaries offer their support

It is now important to achieve the right coordination so this aid to be meaningful“, says Antigone Lyberaki, SolidarityNow General Manager

Athens, August 2nd, 2018

The whole country is overwhelmed by sorrow after the wildfires that struck Attica a few days ago causing many people’s death.  SolidarityNow, with its dedicated field teams, was and continues to be on the side of those affected by the extensive humanitarian and environmental catastrophe responding to their urgent needs.

As a society, we have shown that we are in solidarity whenever needed – and we must make the most of it. These critical moments, however, the intention to offer is not adequate without its effective coordination. In SolidarityNow we set instantly our people -personnel and volunteers- at the disposal of the affected municipalities so as to contribute to the overall management of needs’ assessment and provided support. And it is very important that this is done based on the value of reciprocity; mixed groups of the organization’s employees, volunteers but also of beneficiaries-refugees who wanted to offer back the support they have received“, notes Antigone Lyberaki, the SolidarityNow General Manager and concludes: “Now that people’s needs are imperative – from housing, psychological support to aid payments etc. – we should not miss valuable time“.

SolidarityNow is in direct collaboration with the affected Attica municipalities, supporting their hard work to effectively manage the aid provided generously by companies, institutional bodies and individuals – Greeks, migrants and refugees – from all over Greece.

In concrete terms, two dedicated teams comprising of the organization’s qualified personnel, volunteers and beneficiaries-refugees are everyday (since July 24th) in the areas of Mati and Kineta, Attica, contributing to the:

  • Needs’ assessment and recording
  • Managing of the donations received daily
  • Support provided by the organization’s volunteers
  • Public awareness and dissemination of the information concerning the current needs, both in kind and in human resources.

Furthermore, SolidarityNow, in cooperation with the Athens Coordination Center for Migrant and Refugee issues (ACCMR) of the Athens Municipality, is the coordinator of the NGO group, set up directly to address the crisis, aiming at recording, updating and reporting needs and collecting and distributing in-kind donations.

In addition, from Thursday, August 2nd, the SolidarityNow team in collaboration with the Municipality of Marathon will be in the area and at the place indicated by the Municipality to support the fire victims in the process of applying for the social allowances provided to them by the state.