Senior Logistician

Υποβολή μέχρι: 18/03/2016
Τοποθεσία: Λέσβος
  • Ensure orderly material resources planning in coordination with the project manager(s), the project administrator(s) and HQs Athens;
  • Capacity building on the county and field level;
  • Strengthen the financial control mechanism, monitoring, supply chain management, inventory, warehousing/storage, fleet management as well as the application of relevant policies on the field level;
  • Ensure timely reporting and a constant flow of updated information on program support / operations to local staff and Athens HQs;
  • Support and advise local and national staff with regards to logistics issues;
  • Closely cooperate with implementing partners’ logistics dpts and logisticians in view of optimizing camps’ policies and procedures;
  • Closely collaborate with the Field Operations (FO) Manager in order to devise and apply a simple and efficient registration system of in-comers and out-goers, combined with transportation options and with the nearby hotspot’s function;
  • Closely collaborate with other actors on the island and the FO Manager in order to link up the operation of the Center with the arrivals and the operation of other temporary accommodation sites;
  • Create, frame and follow up on the logistics portfolio in Lesvos: conduct market research & analysis, identify and register suppliers, maintain suppliers’ lists, perform comparative reporting, keep inventories of the organization’s assets and the separate programmatic activities, apply and maintain a well-documented supply requests/orders record; apply pick and drop systems if and when necessary, maintain vehicles’ lists, supervise and ensure the smooth and cost effective POL supply chain;
  • Ensure the smooth functioning and proper/timely maintenance of all office and camp equipment and devises;
  • Keep inventories for the organization’s assets in Lesvos;
  • In charge of SN guesthouse, office and premises proper functioning and maintenance;
  • Participate in the creation of and supervise the proper application, usage and maintenance of IT and other electronic/technical equipment and assets;
  • In close collaboration with the FO Manager and HQs in Athens apply concrete security policies and procedures while always remaining vigilant and proactive.

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