action24: SN’s General Manager, Ms Antigone Lyberaki, on the refugee and the humanitarian crisis

The General Manager of #SolidarityNow, Antigone Lyberaki – Antigone Lyberaki spoke TODAY on Action24 channel for the activities of the organization that aim to improve the living conditions of thousands of people – Greeks, refugees and immigrants.
Speaking of the organization’s Solidarity Centers, she stressed the character of the “open door” of their operation, since they address to all people seeking help to make their lives better, while for the refugee crisis she commented:
“The effort and the interest and the solidarity shown by the people are tremendous, when you explain to them what the matter is: we do not face an invasion of enemy forces, but we deal with people who are trying to escape hell and strive to survive.  They come to thrive with us … “.

Watch the clip after 30”.