Athens News Agency-Macedonian Press Agency: Women Refugees create fashion at the Accommodation structure in Vagiochori

“They decorate and sew their dresses with colourful lace, pearls and gold ribbons, they make matching coronavirus masks and “marry” the West with the East in fashion, creating wedding dresses with elements of different cultures!”

Small miracles happen in the Female Friendly Space of the “Child & Family Support Hub” of SolidarityNow in Vagiochori!

The journalist Natasa Karathanou from the Athens News Agency-Macedonian Press Agency, visited the “Child & Family Support Hub” of the organization in Vagiochori and wrote about the women-beneficiaries and their talent!

*SolidarityNow’s “Child & Family Support Hubs” (CFSH) program is supported by UNICEF Greece and IOM Greece with funding by the European Union.