Two women speak for one another

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International Women’s Day | March 8th, 2022

Olga is a social scientist and works at SolidarityNow and the “Female Friendly Spaces”* program for two and a half years.

Najiba has been in Greece for three years and she is one of the “Female Friendly Space” beneficiaries which operates in the open accommodation structure for refugees in Serres, where many activities take place.

Najiba admires Olga for her friendliness, kindness, and ability to create an intimate atmosphere of trust, confidentiality and mutual support among the women involved in the space activities.

Olga also admires Najiba. “For her honesty, optimism and her ability to express herself through art“.

Najiba has been inspired and written poems about women and their multifaceted role, which express and empower every woman who visits the “Female Friendly Space” in Serres.

For the International Women’s Day, Najiba wished “dynamic women to have a voice in the future, in all parts of the world; women who will act as role models for others so that each in turn can express their uniqueness“.

Olga wished that “there will not exist a place in the world where women are deprived of security and freedom of expression to claim their dreams“.

*The “Female Friendly Spaces” program is implemented by SolidarityNow in 14 open accommodation structures for refugees and asylum seekers with the support of UNICEF Greece, IOM Greece and EU funding.