Ramazan’s mother sees the positive impact of education on him – Tribute: “Before the bell rings”

Three people involved in a story where the positive impact of education is more than obvious! Response from the SolidarityNow’s “Homework and Creative Activities Center” in Nea Kavala.

Ramazan, 15 years old from Afghanistan

What have you learnt so far at the HCAC?
I attend English, Greek, science and homework classes. We also have workshops about many interesting topics. I have learnt to speak better English and Greek.

What’s your favourite thing about going to the HCAC?
My favourite thing is when we solve maths problems!

Sabrmha, mother of Ramazan, Afghanistan

What difference have you seen in your child/children since they start going to the Center?
He is coming back from school running, so he can quickly eat and go to his lesson in HCAC – “please mom have the food ready” – he says to me. He is so much happier!

How do you think the HCAC will help your child stay in school and do well academically?
He is doing so much better in Greek language, and this motivates him to go to school

Charis Poulikidis, teacher from Greece

What are the HCACs doing for refugee children that wasn’t being done before?

They offer substantial support for the formal school education of students that adapts to their individual needs. It also promotes and facilitates parental involvement in their children’s education.

Do you have an example of a child who has responded well to the teaching at the HCAC?

Little Emran is a 6-year-old student from Afghanistan with zero or limited prior schooling experience. Due to his first days on the ACE program little Emran was too scared and uncomfortable to attend the language & creating activity courses. The fact that he was lacking friends and his low performances during the lessons prevented him from having his first happy schooling experiences. A few weeks later of attending SolidarityNow’s HCAC courses little Emran turned into a happy and active student. Emran has managed to make many new friends quickly, while his performance and participation during the lessons were increased. A person’s first school memories accompany him in the rest of his life, which is why we must all help to create happy and pleasant memories for all children.

*The project “All Children in Education” (ACE) is implemented by SolidarityNow with support and funding from UNICEF.