Basira, Maria and education – Tribute: “Before the bell rings”

The 15-year-old Basira from Afghanistan and her teacher, Maria, met at the “Homework and Creative Activities Center” of SolidarityNow in the open accommodation structure for refugees and asylum seekers in Kavala. What do they tell us about the educational procedure as they experience it through the “All Children in Education” program?

Basira Mohammadi, Afghanistan

What have you learned so far at the HCAC?

By joining the program, I have learned many new words. Before coming here, I couldn’t speak English at all; thanks to the classes I attend here, now I can speak! Another thing that i have learned is how to understand people in general, my teachers as well. I have learned to love people as I get a lot of love. Also, I made a lot of new friends! 

What’s your favourite thing about going to the HCAC?

My favourite thing about going to the HCAC is the fact that I am able to express myself, but also listen to other people (teachers, classmates). For me it is very important as I believe that the more, we speak the better we learn. 

Maria Katsikari, teacher from Greece

What are the Centers doing for refugee children that wasn’t being done before?

The Center provides a sense of normality and a safe space for children. Besides academic subjects and support to formal education, the children improve their life skills, build their confidence and practice their critical thinking. 
Do you have an example of a child who has responded well to the teaching at the HCAC?

There is not just one example. Most of the students who are punctual and attend the courses have impressively improved not only in their academic skills but also in their interpersonal and social skills.

*The project “All Children in Education” (ACE) is implemented by SolidarityNow with support and funding from UNICEF.