“Migrant & Youth Social Inclusion Through Entrepreneurship” – My Site Program

5 organizations from 5 European countries Collaborate to Promote

Migrant & Youth Social Inclusion Through Entrepreneurship

Under the framework of the program: MY SITE

SolidarityNow is the organization in Greece partnering with five organizations from five EU countries to promote youth and migrant entrepreneurship and to highlight its significance as a means to social inclusion.

The project entitled “Migrant and Youth Social Inclusion through Entrepreneurship-MY SITE” aims to promote entrepreneurship as a means towards social inclusion and integration. Beneficiaries of the project will include youth residing in the countries of focus, irrespective of their background, who wish to start their own business as entrepreneurs -Greeks and migrants and/or refugees.

In the context of MY SITE’s actions, SolidarityNow undertakes the training of 20 young people – Greeks and migrants – who will have the opportunity in an intensive targeted training program to acquire basic knowledge of entrepreneurship as well as to get individual counseling by experienced entrepreneurs.

The training program begins on April 15th and will last until May 27th, 2019 and will cover various topics, such as:

  • Finding your niche
  • Business plan development
  • Financial management and accounting principles
  • Communications and marketing
  • Funding opportunities

To complement the entrepreneurship training and assist young individuals in successfully developing their business plans and uncovering potential opportunities, while adequately preparing for the risks lying ahead, the project incorporates the idea of mentoring scheme. Candidates will be paired with a mentor, according to their business idea, to support and guide them throughout the training cycle and provide their expert advice on the topics at hand.


The project is funded by EC’s Erasmus+ program and will be implemented in five EU countries over a period of 18 months by the following partners:

SolidarityNow | Greece

Asociacion Socio Educativa Llere | Spain

S.F.Or. Centro Studi Formazione Orientamento | Italy

Aequitas | Cyprus

The People for Change Foundation | Malta

MY SITE includes the following activities:

Conduct research on the landscape and policies for youth and migrant entrepreneurship, as well as the resources made available to young entrepreneurs in each participating country

And aims to:

  • Promote youth entrepreneurship as a means to become self-sustained and financially independent
  • Promote the social inclusion of TCN (third country nationals) as well as the re-integration of youth in the labor market, in five EU countries.