Four girls talk about painting and learning on the occasion of the International Day for Education at 24/1

Copyright Muzhda for SolidarityNow

The 15-year-old Mohadesa, Sezara and Muzhda live in the open accommodation structure for refugees and asylum seekers in Ritsona while the just-turned-18 Roya resides in the structure of Thebes.

What have they in common? Painting. And Vincent van Gogh, whom they all picked as they ‘re favorite artist.

Four young women from Afghanistan, who came to Greece with their families in search of safety and began to unfold their talent finding the appropriate human net to support them. Today, they speak with a dreamy mood and enthusiasm about their love of painting, women’s rights, and the freedom they experience through art.

On occasion of the International Day of Education, January 24th, SolidarityNow would like to present the overall benefits of access to education for children.

Children that, through student activities, not only learn a new language, but also get better acquainted with themselves. Through education, they are getting closer to what they want to do. Moreover, frequently, children discover new interests, even talents which properly encouraged and guided can develop and change their lives! Such are the little stories of the four girls that will be presented in the coming days.

The four formidable girls live in two -out of the 14- open accommodation structures for refugees and asylum seekers in Greece, where SolidarityNow operates its “Homework and Creative Activities Centers (HCACs)” through the program “All Children in Education” implemented with the support and funding of UNICEF Greece.