My parents crossed the same sea you did

When entering the apartment, which starting today will host the 4-member family from Syria, our eyes fell on two large stuffed animals on the couch. It was the gifts of the Mr. D to their two children, 8 year-old M. and 5 year-old K. It took some time until the children -who until today lived in an abandoned ruin in Victoria square- felt comfortable and safe to approach and take into their arms their new toys.
Mr. D is retired with older children, and offered the house to accommodate refugees. His old age or health problems did not prevent him from opening his home; it was his warm heart and the images of homeless and exhausted people that led him to this kind act.
The mother sat on the couch relieved and we discussed about the fact that she will finally be able to have a home to give birth to their third child, as every mother and every newborn deserve. The father showed us photos of their demolished home in Syria, and spoke about the responsibility and agony to keep his family alive and safe.
“My parents came as refugees to Greece, crossing the same sea you did,” said Mr. D, and with the help of an interpreter, they shared their stories. Later, as emotions subsided, we began discussions about the house, we saw the rooms and the stuff, went out on the porch, and the family started to make plans: how they will sleep, what they will cook, where they will put their stuff…. until they leave for another country under the relocation scheme, they will lead a safe and dignified life in this house. They will always remember that this is where their new family member was born.”

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The Hosting Scheme Project Home for Hope is implemented by SolidarityNow with the support of UNHCR and EU funding.