The magic of women through the eyes of their friends.

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International Women’s Day | March 8th, 2022

The Syrian Jamila came to Greece in 2019. Since 2021, she lives in the open accommodation structure for refugees in Drama with her four children. There, she is a beneficiary of the SolidarityNow “Female Friendly Space”* and participates in activities and discussions.

Katerina lives in Drama; she is a social worker and works in SolidarityNow since December 2020. She spends every day in the “Female Friendly Space” with her women, as she says. Most of all, she loves the way women from all over the world manage truly to communicate.

Jamila through Katerina’s eyes:

“Jamila is a woman who never gives up hope. Through the difficulties she became even more kind, more active and more willing to offer. She wanted so much to communicate with me that we reached the point where we did not need an interpreter! For me, Jamila is a role model! She is a woman who despite the adverse conditions continues to hope and to live striving for the best”.

Katerina through Jamila’s eyes:

“Katerina is kind to our children at a time when neither are we! She cares about us (women) and comes to our door every day. She never stopped even when we pretended not to be inside (laughs). Katerina has a big open heart to listen to our problems and comfort us. When a woman had a problem, the next day she would come and call us to discuss a similar issue.

Katerina, you made me better. You are my neighbor”, Jamila.

*The “Female Friendly Spaces” program is implemented by SolidarityNow in 14 open accommodation structures for refugees and asylum seekers with the support of UNICEF Greece, IOM Greece and EU funding.