My name is Fateme. My name is Parvin.

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International Women’s Day | March 8th, 2022

My name is Fateme and I am from Iran.

For me, the International Women’s Day is very confusing because all over the world one day is women’s day. I do not agree at all, all days should be days dedicated to the women.

Women are very strong. They may not have physical strength, but they have mental strength.

The only message I have for women on the occasion of March 8th is to never stop fighting for their rights, never stop fighting for equality.

I fight too. That is why I seek knowledge. In the HELIOS program, I found support in various topics and gained knowledge. Greek lessons with the SolidarityNow teacher have helped me a lot. I use what I learn to find a job and be independent.


My name is Parvin and I am from Iran.

I am 42 years old, and I live in Greece the last two years. I had a hard time getting to this point but fortunately now I have my own life, I have been able to stand on my own feet and be independent.

The world should celebrate women every day. In my country, the two sexes are not equal and working for example in the same place is a taboo. On the other hand, things are better here, and gender equality is more noticeable. I can speak through my own example. I have a business here in Thessaloniki (hair salon) and both SolidarityNow and the society as a whole were very supportive to me, and I managed to have my own business although being a woman alone in Greece. I am deeply grateful to those who supported me, and I am now as independent as possible.

I managed all the above because when I completed my asylum procedure, I was informed about HELIOS, and I enrolled in the SolidarityNow “Integration Learning Center” in Thessaloniki. I knew I needed to learn Greek so as to integrate. The program helped me a lot to learn the language but also with the public services and the Greek bureaucracy.

*SolidarityNow is a key implementing partner of the International Organization for Migration (IOM Greece), in the framework of the HELIOS project which is funded through the co-financed part of the Public Investment Programme of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum.