SolidarityNow presented its work at the Museum of Cycladic Art

“The Greek people have not only endured the situation, but mostly they have shown solidarity to the refugees. And this is something to remember. Because migration will continue and will be one of the main challenges of the European scenery” said Mr. Stelios Zavvos, the President of SolidarityNow during the event entitled “Refugee Flow & Initiatives taken by SolidarityNow» held at the Museum of Cycladic Art on Wednesday, October 20.

The event took place with the occasion of the exhibition of the Chinese artist Ai WeiWei, hosted by the end of October and carried out with the support of SolidarityNow, as a social partner.

The aim of the event was the presentation of the organization’s activities, both in terms of the refugee crisis and the humanitarian crisis in the country in general. Prominent guests were invited by the members of the Board of SolidarityNow, whereas keynote speakers were the President and the BOD members, Mr. Stelios Zavvos, Professors Christos Rozakis and Nikos Alivizatos, Mr. Aristos Doxiadis and Mrs Jenny Kavounidou.