INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: Women’s em(power)ment

Giorgos Moutafis for SolidarityNow

SolidarityNow, this year, on March 8th, unfolds a tribute to women under the title: “Women’s em(power)ment”. Through this tribute, we focus on the organizations’ female employees. Women of different origins -from Greece, Albania, Egypt, Sri Lanka and elsewhere- who are role-models and can empower other women through their experiences, personal stories and work. Women who have experienced and still experience difficulties, who might have lost their identity, their self-confidence and strength. This year’s tribute emphasizes on how the power you offer to others makes you stronger through the introduction of 8 women, whose work, expertise and stand make them capable of empowering other women; but also, how this procedure of empowerment becomes their own driving force.

SolidarityNow introduces, through its digital platforms, #8Women in #8Days, who share with us their own messages for the World Women’s Day, on 8th of March.

In these women, we recognize parts of ourselves, and most importantly, we draw strength, courage and inspiration to move forward.


Antigone, General Manager of Solidarity Now, who says that women’s strength and capabilities, in a wide field of activity, are far greater than others imagine but mainly than women themselves imagine.

Fatma, interpreter, who found herself alone in a foreign country with three children but didn’t lose her hope.

Lena who works as a cleaner and motivates women with her actions to not feel inferior.

Christina, educator, who states that helping others does not make us stronger, love does.

Eleni, teacher, who talks about the essential relationship she has developed with her students.

Marina, lawyer, who invites women to accept themselves including their weaknesses.

Jennifer, interpreter, who asks women to dare and leave from where they don’t show them respect and

Eleni, a psychologist, who asks women to seek support so as to be able to make their own decisions on their life.

Above everything however, roles and characteristics, these eight women, are primarily… Women! The modern women’s roles are many, some socially imposed, and others conquered by struggles over the years. From the workers and feminist movements in North America and in Europe in the late 19th century, until the #metoo movement and the Women’s march in the US in 2017, women continue to claim their rights to this day.

“Bread and roses” and “Equality, freedom, brotherhood,” were some of the slogans that marked their fights. Activists, workers, ordinary women, have fought and still fight to gain financial security, voting rights, better quality of life, meritocracy, equality, control and choice in childbirth. World Women’s Day on the 8th of March reminds us of their struggles, courage and determination.