INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY_Antigone: “We women have a lot more power than other people think”

Giorgos Moutafis for SolidarityNow

Antigone Lyberaki is a somewhat unorthodox economist and has been active in the field of activism for years. She is the General Manager of the organization for the past 1.5 years and is involved in “a creative, human puzzle of effort and solidarity”, as she says. “We have our brilliant moments, but we also have our sad moments. But we always do what we think is right. We help others and we receive from them strength. We are every single word and every single letter of SolidarityNow”.

At a time when, as she says, politics are running late, she is part of something that really has a positive impact on people’s lives. And through her passion for activism, she is also struggling for women’s rights while she is a member of the International Union for Feminist Economics. “Economic arguments in favor of strengthening the economic position of women are only part of the wider argument for equality: equality itself is a moral project, as it promotes justice and life opportunities for all”, she notes in her book “Women in Economy”.

On International Women’s Day, Antigone Lyberaki sends her message to all women: “One thing I’ve learned all these years at the University, in activism and in politics, is that we, women, have a lot more strength than other people think; but also, more strength than what we think we have. And we can use this strength”.