Yiannis Boutaris, new Member of SolidarityNow’s Board of Directors

Τhe members of SolidarityNow’s Board of Directors unanimously selected Yiannis Boutaris as the new member of the organization’s Board to honor his outstanding and important work and contribution to the Local Government and the strengthening of civil society.

“It is with great joy and excitement we welcome  Yiannis Boutaris, to SolidarityNow’s Board of Directors, a great man, a pillar of civil society”, states SolidarityNow’s Chairman, Stelios Zavvos. Yiannis Boutaris, in his years of office, expanded and strengthened the local government in Thessaloniki while helping the city make an opening to its multicultural heritage in a way that included its citizens and made them reembrace their multinational roots. And as he states, ‘we opened Thessaloniki to the world. We planted the seed of openness’. “And there is no doubt that Yiannis Boutaris is a man who dares to fight for his ideas”, Mr. Zavvos pointed out.

His initiatives have been of great contribution to both the humanitarian field, notably the refugee crisis, but also towards the protection of the environment. SolidarityNow as a whole is very proud that Yiannis Boutaris will contribute to the organization’s mission with his experience and innovative social proposals for an open society.

“I was aware of SolidarityNow’s outstanding work long before my election as Mayor. In my years of office, I have had the opportunity to work with the organization, with which we organized activities for the benefit of the municipality and its citizens. It is an honor for me to join the Board of Directors, a post from which I will continue to offer to the community after my term as Mayor of Thessaloniki”, states Yiannis Boutaris.


Yiannis Boutaris is a businessman, politician, Chemist graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki while also being a successful Oenologist. Since 2011 he is the Mayor of Thessaloniki. His term of office in the Municipality of Thessaloniki has been described as “a positive policy, reforming and refreshing mindset”. During his term of office, important was his contribution to reducing financial costs, rationalizing public services and fighting corruption in the city of Thessaloniki.

The Board of Directors of SolidarityNow consists of:

Stelios Zavvos – Chairman

Alivizatos Nikos – Honorary Professor of Constitutional Law/University of Athens

Vidalis Euthimios -Businessman,

Diamandouros Nikiforos – Honorary Professor of Political Science/University of Athens

Doxiadis Aristos – Partner/Venture Capital Investor

Kavounidi Jenny – Senior Research Fellow, Center of Planning and Economic Research, Visiting Associate Professor/Athens University of Economics and Business

Matsagganis Manos – Associate Professor in the Department of International and European Economic Studies/Athens University of Economics and Business

Nomikou Kalipso – Businesswoman

Christos Rozakis – Professor of International Public Law/University of Athens, Vice President of the European Court of Human Rights

Triantafyllidou Anna – Professor/European University Institute, Florence, Italy.