by(e)plastic: We say goodbye to plastic and we embrace its new uses!

A new educational project by SolidarityNow

SolidarityNow, through its lifelong learning initiative named Education Matters, and in collaboration with Electra Energy Cooperative and Precious Plastic Greece, aims to train a group of people about plastic recycling/upcycling, by building and using Precious Plastic machines. The Precious Plastic machines can be built and operated anywhere in the world, allowing its users to melt and reshape recycled plastic into new, marketable products.

We are currently assembling a team of motivated people that will learn how to build the above-mentioned machines, experiment with the production of such products, operate a plastic recycling workshop and train others in the process. The project foresees that participants will obtain the necessary ideas, skills and tools  and create a follow-up project, such as a social cooperative around the innovative concept of plastic recycling or use the skills acquired in order to build new machines and undertake relevant initiatives  via the use of the machines. Through this empowering process, creativity and skills development of participants will be reinforced, as well as inclusivity and sustainability.

Whom does the program address?

The educational program By(e)plastic is addressed to everyone.

We are seeking individuals who have a deep, genuine interest in the environment, who are creative, practical and confident using hand and power tools, who are highly motivated, eager to transmit knowledge, while also being committed to fully carry on this project in the long run.


The workshop will be taking place twice a week (minimum), will last on average 2-3 hours (afternoon/evening sessions) and will include presentations, videos and experimenting with plastic.

The project will run for a minimum of 3 months under the supervision of Electra Energy Cooperative and is expected to continue independently afterwards with any mentoring required.


The seminar will take place at  the Intercultural Center Diadromes – in collaboration with Almasar and the support of the Development Forum.

Entry criteria

If you have previous experience on working with metal, plastic or wood, if you have any kind of technical background, if you are interested in learning how to operate a small recycling workshop as a social enterprise, then you should apply today!

Good knowledge of English or Greek is required.


Participation in seminars is free of charge for all participants.

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Deadline: May 13th

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