Carola Rackete is free!

Orestis Seferoglou

Yesterday, together with 12 other organizations, #SolidarityNow addressed the European institutions and the political, civilian and judicial authorities of Italy, asking them to protect the rights of captain #Carola_Rackete, the people she has rescued, the rule of law and ultimately, the value of solidarity in Europe.
Today we are relieved that justice has been done and Carola, whose only ‘wrongdoing’ was to protect people’s lives, is FREE!
SN has previously taken action against the pan-European trend that criminalizes acts of solidarity, supporting two humanitarian volunteers, Sara Mardini and Seán Binder when they were arrested for helping people arriving safely to Lesvos islands, in 2018. Through close collaboration with other organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, we worked towards their release from pre-trial detention. #FreeCarola #FreeCarolaRackete

Read here the appeal