The Chinese government and the Chinese Embassy in Greece donate 10,000 health masks to SolidarityNow to confront the pandemic.

The valuable sanitary material will be provided to support health workers, vulnerable Greek citizens and refugees in accommodation structures

At this critical time for humanity due to the unprecedented pandemic of the coronavirus and its effects on the entire planet, SolidarityNow received today an important and generous donation by the Chinese government, provided by the Chinese Embassy and the Chinese Ambassador to Greece Ms. Zhang Qiyue. This donation to address the urgent needs of our country consists of 10,000 health masks to protect against COVID-19.

The sanitary material, will be provided by SolidarityNow in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens, for the protection and safety of the health workers fighting on the front line of COVID-19. Masks will be given as well to the Municipality’s Multipurpose Homeless Center which accommodates 400 homeless fellow citizens. Moreover, a significant part will be allocated for the protection of the people living at the 14 refugee camps where SolidarityNow operates, as well as to our staff who continue working on the field. In this way we ensure that the population will have all the adequate equipment to protect themselves for a sufficient period of time.

The Chairman of SolidarityNow, Stelios Zavvos, stated: “I would like to thank you warmly for this great support that your country offers, primarily to Greece, which is being harshly challenged, but also to SolidarityNow. I express my deepest gratitude on behalf of the Board of Directors of the organization, of our teams that continue every single day to fight on the field against the pandemic but above all, on behalf of the thousands of people who will benefit from your donation. This donation is important because it comes at a time when there is a global shortage of these essential health items, and at a time that our teams struggle to support the most vulnerable fellow citizens and stay safe on their side. These health masks give us a breathing space, as they become our necessary “weapons” and the vital equipment to continue doing our work. In the midst of a global pandemic, it’s our duty, to build global partnerships which promote solidarity aiming always at helping and supporting our fellow human beings”.