#EPISODE 4: Asylum Service Announcement: Provision of Services from June 1, 2020

The following message is brought to you by UNHCR and Solidarity Now.

Provision of Services from June 1, 2020.

The Asylum Service wishes to inform applicants of the following:

  1. Cards of international protection that have expired between 13.3.2020 and 31.5.2020 will remain valid for six months according to the Ministry Decision of TT 9028/2020 (ΦΕΚ Β 1854/15.5.2020). Applicants who hold cards of international protection that are of six months duration and have expired in the above mentioned period, are requested to visit the Asylum Service offices- when the six months’ renewal period ends and not sooner, in order to renew their cards.
  2. Applicants should use the template forms that are available on the Asylum Service website (http://asylo.gov.gr/en/) in order to electronically request administration services.
  3. Applicants of international protection whose interview did not take place due to COVID-19 protection measures will be informed of their new interview date, at the latest when they renew their card in the Asylum Service offices. In any case, applicants of international protection are able to submit an electronic application and request to expedite their interview date (the relevant application form is available on the Asylum Service website: http://asylo.gov.gr/en/).