SolidarityNow on the Side of those Affected by the Fires in Attica

Copyright Giorgos Moutafis

At SolidarityNow, we express our deepest sorrow for the tragedy and death of our fellow human beings from the fires that hit Attica region. The organization, responding to the urgent needs caused by the humanitarian and environmental disaster, offers relief items and supplies whereas a dedicated team is visiting the area to support those who need immediate help.

“With a strong sense of responsibility towards the immeasurable catastrophe experienced by many of our fellow citizens, SolidarityNow stands on the side of those in need in an effort to provide first-aid support and relieve their unbearable pain”, said Stelios Zavvos, the organization’s Chairman.

SolidarityNow in cooperation with the affected Attica municipalities offers necessities to support the victims of fires (packaged food, baby diapers, baby wipes, medicines, sanitation items, water supplies etc.).