Changing Mentalities In The Face Of A Crisis: What Greece Can Do

by Sofia Economopoulos Contractor for the State Department & SolidarityNow Volunteer According to Amnesty International’s 2016 Refugee’s Welcome Survey, Greece ranks among the top ten countries surveyed that said that they think their government should do more to help those fleeing war, and 3rd when asked if they would personally accept people fleeing war and persecution into their homes.[1] Paradoxically, […] Race for life

Some years ago the Athens Classic Marathon was an event that attracted only a limited number of people, mainly professional racers. In 2002, 1,779 athletes ran. However, yesterday, 50.000 people attended the race, coming from 105 countries. They all run. Discharge, solidarity, group psychotherapy, reappropriation of public space? What drives so many people to overcome […]

PROTAGON.GR: Refugees but Marathon runners

A group of 15 people, all of them from Syria. They are in Greece less than a year. In a few months some of them will be relocated to France, others in Germany and the rest will continue to wait, “imprisoned” in our country. Until then, all of them will participate on Sunday, November 13th, […] The SolidarityNow Refugee Team runs kilometers’ of solidarity in the Athens Classic Marathon 2016

SolidarityNow participates in the race of 5 km at this year’s Athens Classic Marathon with the 1st group of refugees in the history of the Marathon! The team comprises of 15 refugees, who are beneficiaries of the organization’s hosting programs. The members of the #SolidarityNow_Refugee_Team, along with their coaches, want to send their own message of solidarity, […]

TO VIMA: Refugees run in the Athens Classic Marathon

The first thing that went through Nouri’s mind, when he was informed that it was feasible to participate in the Athens Classic Marathon with the 1st group of refugees in the history of the race, was that he would like his country, Syria, to be represented at such an event. The 15 Syrian refugees, aged 14-37 […]

KATHIMERINI: Syrian refugees to run 5 km road race in the capital on Sunday

As published in KATHIMERINI On his cell phone, Abdallah shows me a video of Ghada Shouaa, a retired Syrian heptathlete who won her country’s first and, so far, only Olympic gold medal in the 1996 Atlanta Games. The 37-year-old Abdallah has not set his eye on a medal, but he’s still hoping for a good […]


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