KATHIMERINI: Refugees Welcome, by Aristos Doxiadis, Board member at SolidarityNow

The article published in newspaper Kathimerini on 25 December 2015. The risk of hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants being trapped in Greece naturally dominates the news and the minds of politicians. Unlike those who pass through, those who remain trapped, if numerous and desperate, will become a serious problem for the communities that harbor […]

HUFFINGTON POST: Refugees: A Modern Odyssey Without an End?

by Epaminondas Farmakis Near the shores where Homer’s Odysseus was once washed up during his 20-year journey to reach his home, Ithaca, and his family, one witnesses not the white sails of victory, but an array of overloaded rubber rafts gradually creeping in, filled with colorful vests, which tightly hold the souls and the hopes […]

elculture: SolidarityNow in the Break the Chain Festival

To #SolidarityNow supports in practice the fight to combat trafficking! The Head of Programmes SolidarityNow, Elli Xenou speaks sto for our involment in the two-day Festival #BreaktheChain, at Technopolis City of Athens. She also supports a working position for a person with expertise in trafficking to assist the work of the National Rapporteur. Read the article here. Available only in Greek.

Athens Voice: “5 key points about migration”

The Athens Voice free press magazine and the journalist Efi Palli followed a few days ago the team of “solidarity-SolidarityNow» in a field visit at the island of Lesbos. The article descibes the situation of refugees on the island in an attempt to get the famous paper that will enable them to continue their trip to other […]

TO VIMA: 1,5 million to Grants by SolidarityNow

Vima Newspaper published an article with the announcement of Solidarity Now of approval 1.5 million which will be made available immediately for the relief of victims of the crisis. When Media strengthen our voice and strengthen our efforts. The article is available only in Greek. To read more press here.

KATHIMERINI: “People here are smiling and helping us”

LESVOS – MISSION. The kids playing ball in Kara Tepe -which was built as a road safety training park- are so focused on the game that they do not seem to be affected by what unfolds around them. In the temporary settlement, although the turnout on Tuesday was “limited” according to the standards of Mytilene, they continue to build more chemical toilets and prefabricated rooms, […]