#STRANDED | Kayuran

Giorgos Moutafis for SolidarityNow

Kayuran Maruthanayakam, 30 years old, 2 years in Lesvos

 “I feel unlucky, but I want to be saved”

“My name is Kayuran, I am 30 years old and I am coming from Sri Lanka. I have been living outside Moria, at the so-called eleonas for the last 2 years. I am staying at a big tent with men from Africa and three compatriots of mine. In Moria there are only 4 people from Sri Lanka. I belong to the Tamil minority. I was a member of the “Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam” militant organization for 3 years. I can’t return to my country because they will arrest me.

I have nothing to say about the life here. In 2016, 5 people lost their lives, I saw their dead bodies. Last month a child died. I am 2 years here and nothing has changed. I have seen so many fights. Before the food wasn’t good, now somehow they have improved it. They bring us bread, eggs, chicken.

I don’t feel good. There’s nothing to do but wait.

I’m sleeping on a bunk bed. The only thing that divides the beds is a blanket. We cannot stay here. I’m thinking about my life. I miss my family. I have a son, he is 5 years old. When I talk to my wife and my son, I feel happy.

I feel unlucky, but I want to be saved. I try to stay calm. The only thing that they are telling me is to be patient and wait. I have lost the ability to sleep. If I get asylum in Greece I will bring my family here”.